Higher mortgage loan through energy-efficient living

The coalition agreement throws a lot of spanner in the works for Dutch people who want to buy a home. The maximum mortgage loan level goes to 100% in 2018. But do not worry, you can get more mortgage loan when you choose an energy-efficient home or when you want to finance your mortgage loan adjustments that make your home energy efficient.

Energy-saving measures

When you want to buy an existing home, chances are that with a few adjustments in the house you are already entitled to a higher mortgage loan. With this amount you can finance adjustments in your house and ensure that your house becomes A ++ or has an energy performance coefficient of no more than 0.6.

New homes have already been built with energy-saving measures. Because of this, these houses are often more expensive and you will therefore need more mortgage loan. Because banks encourage energy-efficient homes and you have less energy costs during the term of your mortgage loan, you will be able to receive more mortgage loan.

The following energy-saving measures can often be co-financed or have already been implemented in your new home:

  • High efficiency boiler
  • Heat pump
  • Solar water heater
  • Solar cells
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • HR ++ glazing

NulopdeMeter house

If your home uses as much energy as generated by these energy-saving measures in a year, then you have a so-called ‘zero-meter’ home. Owners or interested people in such a home can borrow a lot extra. In 2017 it was possible to borrow more than € 25,000.

Income requirement and control

It sounds pretty simple, but the Netherlands would not be the Netherlands if no rules were imposed for this advantageous relaxation of the maximum mortgage loan level. Homeowners who want to implement energy-saving measures in their home must meet an income requirement of € 33,000 gross income per year. Your maximum income depends not only on the value of the house, but also on your income . Of course, the amount that is borrowed extra from the mortgage loan must be able to be paid at the monthly mortgage loan charge. A maximum lending amount of € 9,000 has therefore been set, so that homeowners and buyers can still implement energy-saving measures.

In addition, mortgage loan lenders are obliged to check whether the entire extra mortgage loan amount is actually spent on energy-saving measures. The mortgage loan lender puts the requested amount in deposit and the bank will ask for purchase notes. Can you prove that the full amount will be used for energy-saving measures? Then there is nothing wrong and you can use this extra loan amount.

Save many opportunities for energy

Do you want to contribute to the climate? Then you can of course choose to switch to the energy-saving measures in your home. You can also opt for an easier route, such as saving on your energy rates or using green electricity. You can easily compare energy rates when you press the button below . The providers you see all use green electricity. You save up to € 300, – and immediately contribute to improving the climate by making the switch to another energy supplier. It can be so easy to save!

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