How do I request fast loan without payroll

Quick loans without a payroll are often complicated to obtain in banking entities.

 What are the requirements?

Nowadays, most people close their doors to regular customers, so we have to look for other solutions. In addition, it must be taken into account that in the situation in which we find the jobs are possible and layoffs are increasingly on the agenda. We offer you a fast credit that ranges from € 100 to € 900, which you can easily avail through an online application. You will not need to comment on what you need the money, just get in touch with us and follow a few simple steps.

What are the requirements?

Quick loans are a smart way to get money in just a few hours. Unlike other companies , we commit to forge an alliance with our clients and users, so from the beginning we rely on them. Therefore, you can request a fast credit without payroll by complying with very simple and usual requirements:

  • You will need to be a resident of Spain by demonstrating it through the residence permit or the DNI (National Identity Document).
  • You must have a Spanish phone number and let us know if we have to get in touch.
  • A commonly used email.
  • Tell us a bank account and the name of the bank in question.

If you meet all these simple requirements in less than 24 hours you will be able to have your credit fast. Therefore, do not think more, go to our section Request it! And make your claim. We are a company committed to our customers and our promises, so we make sure that your trust will be rewarded.