Mortgage loan interest relief: also limit for current homeowners

Hypotheekrenteaftrek: ook inperken voor huidige huizenbezitters

In the Spring Agreement, a distinction is made between new and existing mortgage loans. Dutch people who buy a house after 1 January 2013 have to repay their mortgage loan in thirty years. This does not apply to people who already own a home at that moment. Salmon does not agree and thinks that repaying should become the norm.

Convert and repay mortgage loan

At the moment many people have an interest-only mortgage loan. Salmon wants to convert these mortgage loans into annuity mortgage loans, with monthly interest paid and debt repaid. So far, there seems to be no majority in the House of Representatives for the view of Zalm. VVD, but also other parties, consider the current measure sufficient.

mortgage loan rules hit starters hard

Yet Salmon is not only in his position. Many economists and interest groups agree that existing mortgage loans should not be spared. They argue that start-ups are the most affected by the new measures and that this has a negative effect on the housing market.

Opinions divided over mortgage loan rules

According to de Volkskrant, the Vereniging Eigen Huis partly agrees with Zalm. It is for equal treatment of homeowners, but it is then necessary that the reduction of mortgage loan interest is accompanied by a reduction of income tax.