Mortgage loans for freelancers

mortgage for freelancers Banks have found a new target group: the freelancer. Nowadays you can also take out a mortgage loan as a self-employed person without staff, although every bank has its own rules for that.

Self-employed people can apply for their mortgage loan. With all banks, you can borrow more as you become a freelancer and all banks want to see annual or net profit figures to estimate the risk.

Annual figures and net profits important for mortgage loan

In the case of Knab, for example, freelancers who are self-employed for two years can borrow 85 percent of the purchase value of the house. This percentage increases with each year that the entrepreneur has his own company and eventually self-employed freelancers at Knab can borrow a maximum of 103 percent of the value of the house. The ABN Amro has a similar

arrangement, ING looks at the average net profit for the past three years and Rabobank looks at the annual figures for the past three years.

In short, there are certainly opportunities for freelancers, also for those who have been self-employed for only one year. However, it pays to enter into discussions with various banks, to find out which bank has the most suitable mortgage loan and which mortgage loan requirements you can and can not meet.

Request a no-obligation mortgage loan with an independent mortgage loan advisor, who can see what your options are and provide you with expert advice.