Personal Loan

The Personal Loan is a modality that this institution offers for people who want a loaned value , with a minimum credit of 1000 euros.

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The Personal Loan leaves open the client the flexibility to select the value that he / she wants to receive of credit.

With more than 900,000 approved credits in all its provision of this service, the Personal Loan works with an online platform to better receive its clients without leaving home.

What is it

The Personal Loan is the personal credit for all those who like to practice agility and practicality when requesting a loan, for any reason, since the Sun bank does not enjoy knowing why the client’s request, leaving – those open to using credit as they need it and without justification.

With a digital platform, the bank offers online simulation for all those interested in hiring their credit, either for lower interest accounts or just because they are already clients of it.

With years of quality and security in the service and with more than 95% of approval in their loans, ‘s Personal Loan has its registered trademark when it comes to demonstrating its advantages for hiring.

Why apply

In the Personal Loan , it is possible to make an online application and significant values ​​ranging from 1000 euros to 40,000 euros, with up to 60 months to pay, leaving flexible for the contractor at the time of selecting your best term for payment.

In addition, it provides a zero interest rate for those who are making their first loan request with them, regardless of the value the customer needs. In case the client wants, it will be possible to make the advance payment of the credit without the bank being informed, or without additional charges.

In the case of cancellation, it will be necessary to observe in the contract what is the appropriate time for the client to make the cancellation without additional charges.

So that the comfort with the contractor is even greater, the Personal Loan leaves a margin of months to start paying.

Leaving the client with a greater margin to get back all the credit he managed to collect with the company, thus being easier for those who will not have the return of capital in the short term, or who prefer to leave a margin of error for pure security.

How to apply –

To obtain an application for the Personal Loan, it will be necessary for the future contractor to go to the official website of the company to do an online simulation.

In this simulation, credit values ​​ranging from 1000 euros to 40,000 will be made available, the client will select the best value for him and how many times he wishes to withdraw the credit to the bank, which can be from 6 months to 60 months ( 5 years) .

In this simulation it will be possible to visualize the value of the final amount with the total interest rates offered by the bank (if it is the first credit application will be zero), and the rates that are charged annually as the APR.

Once the simulation is done, the future contractor will have to fill out a form where he will leave some basic information, such as gender, name, email address, landline, and accept the terms of the company that will be available to be read on the site itself. under the request.

After completing all these data the client will send the request for approval of the company, that request can take up to 15 minutes to send the response back to the client.

In case it is confirmed it will be necessary for the client to confirm the value of the loan, and to review the company’s account data where the money will be deposited in the value chosen for withdrawal.