Property owners know (too) little about mortgage loans

hypotheektermen Davizro%20Photography Surprisingly many Dutch people are not well informed about the laws and regulations surrounding mortgage loans. Common terms also appear to be unknown to a large audience. Yet many (future) homeowners think that they are well informed and that they know virtually everything about mortgage loans and everything that comes with it. 

‘Knowledge about important terms and rules is lacking, while the research shows that many consumers think they know almost everything about it. This implies that homeowners do not fully understand their mortgage loan. With all the risks this entails, for example if they want to cross their mortgage loan. ‘

Many mortgage loan terms are not known

Half to three-quarters of consumers, however, do not know what terms such as commitment fees, bail commissions, key interest rates or floating rates mean. The distinction between the annuity mortgage loan and the linear mortgage loan is also not entirely clear.

In addition, quite a number of incorrect assumptions are made: for example, more than forty percent of the respondents think that starters can still get a mortgage loan interest-only mortgage loan with mortgage loan interest relief and that without a bank guarantee you can not buy a house. A quarter of the respondents also think that the annuity mortgage loan is still the only mortgage loan form possible today. However, all of these are incorrect assumptions.

Learn about mortgage loans 

Do you also doubt the accuracy of your knowledge? On our site you will find extensive information about mortgage loans and the terms used. Of course you can always request a meeting with an independent mortgage loan advisor. You will also find enough information about this on our website.