The personal loan is suitable for all types of clients

An efficient personal loan proposal without commissions .

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Under the modality of personal loan, not only offers benefits for its clients, but also bets to generate good credit conditions to clients that have their payroll or pension in other banks. As they claim, it is not infidelity to your bank to request a personal loan from .

As a general rule, one could say that Spanish banks privilege customers of their same entity. In order to have better conditions when apply for a personal loan, there is an implicit commitment to purchase additional products with the bank, such as a payroll account. ‘s personal loan, on the other hand, in addition to not generat commissions of any kind, allows you to have your payroll or pension in other banks.

How to apply for the personal loan?

Make the request online or in an office of the bank’s extensive network. In less than 15 minutes and with a wide range of purposes for your credit, you can know the value of the monthly fee to pay through the credit simulator. Where also will project additional conditions of your personal loan. After enter your main data, the system will perform a preliminary analysis that will determine the viability of your personal loan.

Interest rates

Annual TIN from 5.95% (6.11% APR), applied throughout the life of the personal loan. The maximum annual interest rate applied depend on the conditions of the loan is TIN 11.95% (12.63% APR).

Additional features of the personal loan

  • Minimum amount of € 3,000 for clients and € 6,000 for non-customers, maximum amount of € 60,000 for both cases.
  • Maximum amortization period in 96 months.
  • Commissions to 0% for open concept, 0% for partial or full advance amortization.

What are the requirements to apply for the personal loan?

It can be requested by workers and pensioners. The documentation required accord to the case is not complex and must support the information provided in the previous simulation of the personal loan, such as monthly income and expenses. The bank’s credit and risk policies are applied to grant the personal loan.
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It has presence in more than 40 countries, consolidat itself as one of the largest financial groups in the world. Since 1999, it has served the private and business segment in Spain. It also stands out for its strong commitment in security issues to online transactions, perhaps for this reason and in addition to the excellent level of service it offers, 8 out of 10 clients recommend .