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The Biden Administration and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill are touting the hundreds of millions of dollars in federal small business aid going to states — including key 2022 battlegrounds like Arizona and Pennsylvania.

On Monday, officials announced the new round of aid through the reauthorized program State Small Business Credit Initiativea $10 billion program, funded by the US rescue planthis provides access to venture capital and loan guarantees, among other optionsto small businesses.

“It is very important to understand that the US rescue plan had a dual purpose – to ensure the strongest…recovery for the crisis we were in, and to ensure that the recovery was fair to the underserved and hardest hit communities,” White House advise Sperling gene said during a press call on Monday.

Funding round announced Monday, totaling more than $1.5 billion, is ‘transformative’, Connecticut says Governor Ned Lamonta Democrat, whose state is pending $120 million in aid under the program.

Rep. American Susan Wild, D-7th Districtwho also participated in Monday’s call, hailed the $267.8 million in federal assistance for Keystone State, calling it an “essential” tool to “invest in and support new businesses – by especially communities that have encountered obstacles”.

Aid for Pennsylvania will be administered by the state Department of Community and Economic Development, Govt. Tom Wolf office said in a statement.

“This funding from the Biden Administration is an important investment in Pennsylvania’s future that will be used to empower our small businesses and generate new jobs,” Wolf said in the press release.

Rep. American Susan Wild, D-7th District (Lehigh Valley Armchair).

Participants in Monday’s call emphasized the fundamental role that small businesses play in the economy. This is especially the case in communities of color, where they are “essential” to the local economic infrastructure, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said.

“We intentionally designed the program to stimulate investment towards underserved entrepreneurs,” Adeyemo said. “It is always difficult to access capital, and [this program] is designed to address this; to help more entrepreneurs get the financing they need.

Americans started 5.4 million new businesses last year, more than 20% more than any previous year and more than two-thirds more than the annual average of 3.2 million new businesses in the during the five years preceding the start of the pandemic, savage office said in an email, citing a White House report.

“We decided to focus on those communities of persistent poverty in our country,” United States House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, DS.C., who was on Monday’s call, said. “These programs are necessary. We want everything to be done fairly and efficiently.

Adeyemowho had previously visited the Lehigh Valley, pointed to two area businesses he said would benefit from the aid: a Latino-owned hair salon that kept employees on during the pandemic and a black-owned daycare center which was growing thanks to American Bailout Funding

“I think there are businesses all over Pennsylvania and across the country that can use SSBCI resources to continue to grow and grow our economy in the future,” he said.

Savagewho recently met with black business leaders in his district of Allentown to discuss the challenges and successes they’ve faced during the pandemic, called the money earmarked for Pennsylvania “monumental.”

“It’s a phenomenal number, which will truly open up access to capital and investment to those who have faced obstacles, enabling anyone with dreams and plans to make them a reality.”

Abortion pills and drinking water
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Our things.
Abortion drugs are set to become the next legal battlegroundour friends from Stateline.org report.

With about six months remaining in power, the Administration of wolves — aimed at recruiting and retaining educators, building a more diverse workforce and reducing barriers to entry into the profession — published a three-year strategic plan to address staffing shortages in Pennsylvania schools. Marley Parish to the story.

Rep. American Dwight Evans, D-3rd District, got its legislation passed by the House designed to improve diversity in the country’s military service academies and its bipartisan legislation to reauthorize a Delaware River basin conservation program, our partners in the Philadelphia Grandstand report.

Meanwhile, in the Garden State: An independent legislative committee tasked with recommending revisions to state law plans to explore changes to a provision that prohibits voter protests due to certain errors in the processing of postal voting, Nikita Biryukovfrom our sister site, the New Jersey Monitorreports.

On our feedback page this morning: Despite online crowds barking, children charged with brutal murder in Philadelphia last month still deserve due processregular notice Michael Coard writing. And the United States Supreme Court decisions that bother people require a democratic political response. They don’t demand surrender, regular opinion Bruce Ledewitz writing.

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Somewhere else.
The inspector look at the Harrisburg Republican Ropes have attached themselves to protected cycle paths.

All 500 school districts in the state will share $200 million in public funding for security and mental health grants, the Post-Gazette reports.

The Bucks County Mail Schedules explain how the Administration of wolves traded charter school reform for education funding (through the York Daily Record).

The IRS investigating whether a Cumberland County church violated its tax-exempt status screening a right-wing film featuring the GOP governor’s hopeful Doug Mastriano, PennLive reports.

Pennsylvania Democrats face a tough midterm cycle, but inflation doesn’t seem to have had an impact on their fundraising, WESA-FM reports (via WITF-FM).

Axiosduring this time, portrays the prototype Republican voter this mid-term campaign cycle.

Another suburban school district in Lancaster County postponed a decision on a policy on transgender athletessaying he needs to do more research, LancasterOnline reports (subscribers only).

Lehigh Valley Food Banks have seen an increase in demand as food prices rise, morning call reports.

The Philadelphia Water Department will end its shutdown moratorium Wednesday, WHY-FM reports.

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Governor Tom Wolf has no public schedule today.

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Our best wishes go to a few Long-time friends O’The Blog today: To the journalist Rossilynne Skena Culgan and veteran publicist, Steve Augello, of Harrisburg, both of which record another trip around the sun. Congratulations, my friends. Enjoy the day.

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REM’s Sunny 2001 LP’Reveal‘ is a record that sounds just like summer. Aptly enough, here’Summer is turning high.’

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Washington nationals slugger Juan Soto worked his way through Monday night Home Run Derby All-Star Game, beat Seattle’s Julio Rodriguez.

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