7th Wages Commission: Teacher union unrest begins Day 6: The Tribune India


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Amritsar, December 7

The hunger strike by the Khalsa College teachers’ union entered its sixth day on Tuesday. Teachers protested at the university gate following the appeal by the PCCTU and the Punjab Federation of college and university teachers’ organizations. Restless teachers have shown their support for Professor HS Kingra from PAU (Ludhiana), who is on hunger strike.

Dr Randhir Singh, president of the Khalsa College Teachers’ Union, said the government was shirking its responsibilities and was reluctant to implement the 7th University Grants Commission (UGC) Salary Commission, which has been due since 2016.

He said the 7th Compensation Panel report had passed in the Legislature, but the government was reluctant to implement it.

Dr Parminder Singh, secretary of the Khalsa College Teachers’ Union, said they not only want the 7th pay panel implemented, but also highlight policies degrading the standard of higher education.

The state government would destroy higher education in the state by decoupling the pay scales from the UGC.

The principal of Khalsa College, Dr Mehal Singh, confirmed that the Association of Principals supports this fight for the improvement of higher education.


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