Andhra Pradesh: Teachers’ unions pledge to create a ‘social movement’ for the repeal of NEP-2020


Educators, political party leaders and other representatives, at the farewell session of a two-day roundtable on “national education policy – alternative measures”, decided on Sunday to build a movement against the new policy which they said was detrimental to the interests of students, teachers and the entire education sector.

Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) MP V. Balasubramanyam said a state-level education convention would be held in Vijayawada on July 17 to develop an action plan to put pressure on the government to repeal NEP-2020.

Speakers at the roundtable, chaired by United Teachers Federation (UTF) State Chairman N. Venkateswarlu, expressed deep concern over the “changes being made to the education sector in the name of digitalization and quality education” and argued that they would harm not only students and teachers, but also society. They said that under the new “discriminatory” system, the government was offering to give education to some students and “professional skills” to others, which would drive a wedge between the student community, he said. -he declares.

They criticized the state government for its one-sided stance on key issues such as the implementation of NEP-2020 and its collaboration with app-based private education company Byju’s, and said it should instead consider implementing the ‘Kerala model’ of education.

Leaders said the state government needed an explanation on many points. While saying she would set up a District Selection Committee (DSC) every year, she had now released GO 117 which talked about measures to reduce the number of teaching vacancies. The state government was acting in violation of the Right to Education Act which mandated the implementation of the mother tongue as the language of instruction up to grade 8, they pointed out.

They reiterated their call on the government to allow Anganwadi Primary Schools and Centers to continue in their current form, to drop measures that would lead to a reduction in teaching staff and the number of existing schools and to repeal the NEP- 2020.

UTF State Secretary General KSS Prasad, Anganwadi Association State Secretary General K. Subbaravamma, Secretary Baby Rani, All India Federation of Students Secretary General Ashok and several others were present.


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