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New Delhi: The check books of three state-backed banks – Allahabad Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC), United Bank of India (UNI) – will become invalid as of October 1, 2021.

The check books of these three banks will become invalid as they have been merged with larger banks. As part of the merger process, the largest banks now include the customers of the merged banks. For example, Allahabad Bank merged with Indian Bank while OBC and UNI banks merged with Punjab National Bank (PNB).

Notifying clients of the change, PNB urged clients of UNI and OBC banks to issue check books with PNB IFSC and MICS details so that they do not encounter any issues.

“The old eOBC and UNI checkbook will be deleted from 1-10-2021. Please replace your old e-OBC and e-UNI checkbook with the PNB checkbook with updated PNB IFSC and MICR, ”PNG tweeted recently. Customers of OBC and UNI banks can issue PNB checkbooks through an ATM, online banking, official PNB app or by visiting any nearby PNB branch.

Besides PNB, Indian Bank also urged Allahabad Bank customers to issue new checkbooks to continue using the large bank facility in October 2021 and beyond. The bank said in a tweet that all checks with Allahabad’s bank details will become invalid after September 30, 2021. Also read: Central government employee alert! DA hike could happen again: check the salary increase

“Former Allahabad Bank customers can continue to enjoy a seamless banking experience with Indian Bank by ordering new checkbooks, as old ones will no longer be acceptable from October 1, 2021,” Indian Bank said in a tweet. Also Read: IRCTC Launches Mahalaya Pind Daan Package: Check Price, Pitra Paksha Train Destinations




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