Banks closed in Welshpool and Newtown

Russell George, Member of the Senedd

Welshpool bank will close first, on September 16, followed by the Newtown branch on September 23.

Local politicians say it’s another blow to local communities.

Area MP Craig Williams, he is concerned and disappointed by Barclays’ plans to close branches and wants urgent assurances that its banking services will be protected for its customers.

He said: “I am today incredibly disappointed to learn of Barclays’ plans to close its branches in Newtown and Welshpool. The move will mean Barclays will no longer have a physical footprint in Montgomeryshire, which is a blow to staff and customers at both branches, as well as the constituency as a whole.

“While I agree that the number of branch banking transactions has declined significantly over the past few years, over the counter services are vitally important for customers who prefer not to do their banking online or cannot not do so, particularly in rural areas such as Montgomeryshire The ability to use the Post Office for some banking services does not fully compensate for the closure of a personal and local branch.

“I would like an urgent meeting with Barclays representatives to discuss how it plans to provide services to its disenfranchised clients and to ensure that it continues to provide personal and personalized services to those who have no no access to online banking is his top priority.”

Barclays said the decision was made due to a sustained decline in transactions with branch customers.

Montgomeryshire Member of Welsh Parliament, Russell George, said while banks have highlighted the use of online banking, there remains a strong need for a high street bank presence.

Mr George said: “I am extremely disappointed to hear of the closure of Barclays banks in Montgomeryshire and will question the data provided in their rationale for the bank closures as I know many people use both banks.”

“While banks have emphasized the use of online banking services, there remains a strong need for the presence of street banks.”

”Another bank branch closure will not only have a negative impact on the bank’s staff and loyal customers, particularly those who are elderly and vulnerable, but it will also have implications for the local business community, for Welshpool and Newtown as cities and the wider region, and for the reputation of Barclays.”


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