Barclays announces branch closure as more customers switch to online banking


A major bank has confirmed that its branch in a village center will close later this year.

Barclays, at Sibson Road, Birstall, will close permanently on Friday, September 17, the company confirmed today.

Staff will be offered positions elsewhere in the company, he said.

The agency has seen a “sustained” decline in visitor numbers due to the increasing use of online or telephone services and only 86 people now call regularly to do their banking, he said.

However, a number of local advisers say the closure will make life difficult for those who cannot bank online or cannot easily reach other branches.

Councilor Shona Rattray, one of the village representatives on Charnwood Borough Council, contacted Area MP Edward Argar and asked him to write to Barclays General Manager with his concerns. regarding closure.

Coun Rattray told LeicestershireLive: “We have a mix of people who don’t trust their online banking or don’t have online access. These are old people and young people.

“This branch appears to be well used. I walk past two or three times a day and each time there is a queue outside.

“It’s in a prominent location and it’s a pretty decent size, so that will leave some space.

“The store occupancy rates here in Birstall are pretty good. Three closed during lockdown, but they’re busy again now.

“We lost Santander last year, but we still have Nat West and Nationwide so we’re lucky compared to some places.

“Maybe Barclays could downsize to a smaller facility, but I understand that would likely be very expensive.”

Village councilors today posted on their Facebook page: “We are aware that this is going to be disappointing for many local customers and businesses.

“While many people are happy to bank online, some customers prefer to visit branches and are not confident or able to bank online.

“There are also the broader implications for village attendance.

“As the only remaining branch in the region outside of Leicester, this has brought customers from other villages to Birstall, which then potentially supports other local businesses as well.”

A Barclays spokesperson said the nearest branch was about 2.3 miles from Belgrave Road, Leicester.

This is about writing to existing customers to let them know about the shutdown and will help them transition to digital banking if they wish.

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The spokesperson said: “The decision to close a branch is never easy. However, customers are increasingly using alternatives to branches to do their banking.

“As a result, we are seeing a sustained decline in branch visits across the UK. This ongoing change in behavior means that we are seeing a sustained decline in customer transactions on our network.

“At the Birstall branch, we can identify that almost nine out of ten customers (87%) at the branch use alternative means to do their banking, including by phone, online and mobile app.

“We have also identified that a total of 86 regular customers use this branch exclusively for their banking operations and do not interact with us in any other way.

“We will work with our clients and provide alternative options to ensure that they can continue to manage their money and receive financial expertise when needed.”


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