BrownTogether campaign hits $ 3 billion goal


The BrownTogether campaign, launched in 2015, raised $ 3.097 billion this month, exceeding its initial goal of raising $ 3 billion by December 2022.

In light of this achievement, the University has decided to extend the fundraising campaign.

While the University has yet to “set the priorities for the extension, or even a timeline or amount,” those decisions will be made in “January or February,” President Christina Paxson P’19 said in an interview. with The Herald.

Origins of the campaign

The BrownTogether campaign was first created to fund the implementation of Brown’s Building on Distinction strategic plan.

“The campaign was really designed to enable the execution of the strategic plan,” said Paxson. “(We asked), what would it really take to do all of these things? What will we need in terms of fundraising, in terms of teachers, facilities …

“We started the campaign with an overarching goal of expanding Brown’s ability to solve important global issues and complex problems through collaborative research and scholarship,” wrote Joan Wernig Sorensen, BrownTogether Campaign Co-Chair. , in an email to the Herald.

Over the past six years, the campaign has set priorities in line with Brown’s strategic plan and added additional priorities to meet changing goals and global circumstances.

“The campaign has not been static,” Paxson said. “Building on distinction is the basic foundation, but new opportunities have presented themselves in which we have moved. “

For example, “initially public health was in the countryside, but over time, and especially as we got into COVID,” the University recognized “that building a fantastic school of public health had to be one of our top priorities, ”Paxson added.

“The real evolution of the campaign can be seen in the issues that have emerged as pressing concerns both for members of our community and also for a wider cross section of society,” wrote Wernig Sorensen.

These changes included “accelerating scientific translation to fight cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, identifying viable approaches to mitigate climate change” and “developing a better understanding of economic inequalities”, added Wernig Sorensen.

Exceed $ 3 billion

Beyond the evolution of the campaign, community members have noticed the pace of the campaign’s progress.

“Thinking back to the early days when we set the $ 3 billion target… there was a lot of talk back then about his ambition and how long the campaign would be,” Paxson said.

The University, the advancement staff and the Co-Chairs never expected that they would contribute as much as they did on an annual basis.

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“At the start of this campaign, the idea was that (…) by the end of the campaign, we would raise around $ 300 million a year, and we raised over $ 400 million,” said Sergio Gonzalez , senior vice president of advancement.

“The response of the Brown community, not only to the priorities of the university but also to the broader idea that education can change the world, has been phenomenal,” wrote Theresia Gouw, BrownTogether Campaign Co-Chair, in an email to the Herald. .

According to Gonzalez, this achievement “demonstrates the affinity and love for Brown that the Brown community has.”

Extending the campaign deadline can capitalize on existing momentum, Paxson said, to complete the work that remains to be done.

“We’re ahead … and there’s a lot of momentum and a lot of excitement,” Paxson said. “Even when you hit the goal, it doesn’t mean you’ve hit the goal in every area, some you’ve passed, some you’ve passed. And so there is still some very important work that we have to do from the countryside. ”

“BrownTogether’s continuation provides an opportunity to further elevate critical support for focus areas that have been at the heart of the campaign from the start, such as the importance of funding more financial aid initiatives and Chairs. staffed to help us recruit and retain the best educators. and academics, ”wrote Ralph F. Rosenberg, co-chair of the BrownTogether campaign, in an email to the Herald.

Campaign priorities, funding areas

According to the BrownTogether website, these priorities follow the initiatives of the strategic plan and their funding falls into four categories of campaign goals: “Our People”, “Education and Research”, “Campus and Community” and “Annual Fund”. by Brown.

About 90% of BrownTogether’s donations are “on plan” – or in line with the priorities of Brown’s strategic plan, Paxson said.

A priority has been to increase financial aid and achieve Brown Promise’s goal of eliminating loans for financial aid programs.

“On the aid side… we’ve generated about $ 347 million in financial aid, of which $ 110 million made the Brown pledge,” Gonzalez said.

While priorities have yet to be set for the extended campaign, financial aid will likely continue to be a priority.

When it comes to financial aid, “we’ve done well, we need to do more,” Paxson said. “We’re very, very close to finalizing what we’ve decided to lift for the Brown Pledge. … I want to finish this.

“In addition, also under the“ Our People ”bucket, we set an initial goal of increasing 123 endowed chairs. And the last time I heard we were at around 113 or 115, ”Paxson said. Thus, endowed chairs will likely also be an ongoing priority throughout the new campaign deadline.

Throughout the campaign, the University also raised funds for athletics, the COVID response and the annual fund.

“We have raised over $ 178 million for Brown’s athletic facilities and programs,” said Gonzalez, and “during COVID we raised around $ 25 million through this campaign for the President’s Response Fund and the Student Emergency Support Fund, ”added Gonzalez.

According to Rosenberg, the campaign aims to “increase attendance and donations for immediate use through the Annual Brown Fund, continue to share stories about the campaign’s impact on the university and beyond that help inspire donors and to further expand our engagement with members of the Brown community. and others besides Brown.


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