Carpenters and teachers’ unions support Soriano in Parsippany



Parsippany Mayor Michael Soriano has secured the support of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Education Association and the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Carpenters Council in his bid for a second term.

“The working families of Parsippany have the opportunity to elect a team that will stand up for the issues that really affect them,” said William C. Sproule, executive secretary-treasurer of the union. “This joint approval between the EAS carpenters and the PTHEA is an effort to ensure that these families have a stronger voice on election day. Solidarity means caring for one another, and the carpenters and teachers of Parsippany understand that Mayor Soriano and his team will be advocates for the issues they hold dear.

Soriano faces a rematch from James Barbiero, the two-term GOP mayor he ousted in 2017.

“Mayor Soriano has been a friend of education. He has made working with students, parents and educators a priority as mayor, ”said Joseph Kyle, president of the local teachers’ union affiliated with the NJEA. “Education works best when all groups are associated, working towards the same goals to educate our students.

With the approval of the PTHEA comes the support of the New Jersey Education Association.

“I am proud that our local association took a stand in this very important election, and we are happy to do so with the EAS Carpenters Union,” said NJEA President Sean M. Spiller. “Issues such as safe working conditions, decent wages and collective action are core values ​​that we believe in as unions, as well as more broadly as citizens of this state. “

Backers from the two politically savvy unions are expected to come with money and boots on the pitch for Soriano’s re-election.

Two Democratic city council candidates running with Soriano – Cori Herbig and Judy Hernandez – were also supported by the union coalition. They are running for the seats of two Democratic councilors who are not seeking reelection.

“We are also parents, neighbors and taxpayers concerned with making our communities affordable and our schools the best,” said Spiller. “This is why this election is so important; supporting those who share these beliefs is essential.



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