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CARTHAGE, Mo. – The Carthage School District is aiming to increase pay for substitute teachers and make more people available as substitutes.

Steps in the six-point plan are to pay retired teachers and paraprofessionals more to come back and replace than someone who does not have the same education background, Superintendent Mark Baker said last month during the introduction of the plan.

Baker also proposed that retired teachers receive $ 120 per day, an increase from the base rate of $ 100 per day for replacement teachers. Retired paraprofessionals working as a replacement would receive $ 100 per day, an increase of $ 20 from the base rate.

Baker said retired support staff, guards, food service workers and the like can make more money as well. His plan is for retired employees to receive the amount they received when they retired instead of reverting to the base rate of $ 10 an hour for replacement support staff.

“It’s not what other schools are doing,” Baker said. “… We are trying to do something different, more aggressive than the other schools so that we can capture more people. “

The superintendent said an “aggressive” approach is needed because of the difficulties the district, like many in the region, has had in finding replacement teachers.

In Carthage in October, for example, a substitute teacher was only found with zero or one day’s notice 37% of the time.

“So 63% of the time we couldn’t find a sub the same day a teacher got sick,” Baker said. “Obviously, that means a lot of moving parts have to take place: teachers replace prep time, paras are relocated, administrators replace. Everyone and everyone who is eligible to caption has been captioned. “

Baker said the average “fill rate”, or the number of days a teacher is not available and a replacement is found to fill the classroom, has declined as the year progresses. school progressed. Data for specific days of the week showed that in August the surrogates filled most of the days they were needed, but by October the numbers had dropped significantly.

In other strategies outlined in his plan, Baker has offered to offer more money to substitutes who make themselves available for the district more often each month. He said he wanted to add incentives for substitutes who work long-term in a classroom, such as those who replace a regular female teacher on maternity leave.

Baker also proposed to make alternative pay consistent across the district. He said replacement pay was different from school to school and he wanted to change that.

In addition, the district would reimburse new replacements for the $ 41.50 they must pay for a fingerprint identification check with law enforcement officials after that person has worked for the district for five days.

Baker also offered to hire up to 12 full-time replacements, or people whose work should be available when the district needs it.

“Full-time subscribers will receive $ 120 per day, plus perks,” Baker said. “It’s more than what other local school districts are doing. We’re going to hire as many as possible as long as it’s approved. … They will also participate in professional development days with us, because they are our employees, they do whatever we need them to do and they also enjoy benefits.

Baker called his plan “as aggressive as you’ll see in any school district.”

“Is it a guarantee to bring in more (substitute teachers)? No, “he said.” But I think that’s a guarantee that it will get more people thinking. “

The Carthage Board of Education unanimously approved Baker’s plan.



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