Child tax credit: how to get a $750 boost; The date expires soon!


SCertain households are eligible to receive a state-approved tax credit from $250 per child, with a maximum of three children per family, but the application deadline is July 31.

The Connecticut Governor’s Office informed NBC Connecticut that they had approximately 130,000 applications available, as they have an eligibility capacity of 300,000 families.

They therefore invite their residents to complete their tax credit application this week and receive up to $750 in tax relief immediately.

You can visit the official website of the Tax Services Department and explore the “CT 2022 Child Tax Refund” by click here.

United Way helps you with your application process

United Way is an organization that helps Connecticut residents ask their Child tax credit.

They encourage anyone who meets the following guidelines to approach them, Single Registrants have a $100,000 limit, whereas for a head of family it is at the maximum $160,000while married couples filing jointly can reach $200,000 at most.

If you have exceeded these ratings, you are still available to receive a discount, but this will reduce ten% for each $1,000 that you have earned beyond the thresholds.

When will payments start coming out?

Governor Lamont expects payments to be made as early as next month, with the state receiving between 2,000 and 3,000 applications each day, a number they expect to grow exponentially as the deadline approaches.

Any resident of Connecticutwho is a parent and who has already claimed a child 18 years of age or younger in their 2021 taxes is eligible for this child tax credit.

There are currently no plans to extend the program deadline beyond July 31.


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