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I’ve been criticized for my obsession with political correctness, especially in education, but when you thought it couldn’t be worse comes this story from Point Park University in Pennsylvania.

The university “warned the students that” action could be taken “if they do not respect the preferred designations of their classmates.” It turns out that Point Park has an equity and inclusion office to monitor and punish violations of the new code.

Apparently, an area of ​​great concern to the administration is “the policy of gender abuse, misuse of pronouns and incorrect names”. Gender error of course refers to someone as a different genre than the one they prefer. It doesn’t just mean calling a man a woman. It would be too obvious. No, this also includes labeling someone male or female when in fact they consider themselves to be “non-binary”. As you probably know by now, “they” is the correct pronoun for a single non-binary person.

It changes the syntax and word choice of what used to be everyday English. Consider this hypothetical exchange: “Where’s Ralph? “” Oh, they called and said they’d be late. I guess if you want to learn the new trans-sensitive syntax, you could spend a week in a freshman dorm. I was kidding, of course; “Freshman” is a prohibited designation in the new vocabulary.

Starting with the new directive, the school’s “Preferred Names Policy” allows students and faculty to use their preferred names when a legal name is not required. More importantly, the office told the students that “anyone who has been made aware of another person’s gender identity, pronouns or chosen name is expected to respect that person.”

While the university recognizes the aspect of intention versus impact, we must recognize that whatever the intention, if an individual is adversely affected, action could be taken if a complaint is made. This means that, for example, if you address someone by the name that you have used with them for years, without knowing that they have changed it, this will, apparently, be a violation of the Speech Code. Point Park University and you will face an indefinite sentence and of course repeat offenders risk suspension from college.

The guide, created by a Point Park alumnus, explains to students the importance of using “non-sexist language” to prevent “trans and gender non-conforming people from feeling isolated”.

The guide offers suggestions such as changing “boyfriend / girlfriend” to “partner”, “ladies and gentlemen” to “students and guests” and using the pronoun “they” for non-binary individuals. Something to think about: Do you think weak president Joe Biden will ask his education secretary to look into the political correctness epidemic that is plaguing our schools now? Given that the teachers‘ unions are among the biggest contributors to the Democratic Party, I very much doubt that we will see any changes coming.

Political correctness will be the heart and soul of our educational institution for years to come.

Bud Stevenson, a retired stockbroker, lives in Fairfield. Reach it at [email protected].



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