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As a society, we expect these people to prepare students for success in life – the essence of our purpose as humans – but the compensation for work does not match this immense task. Although many educators and support staff feel unsupported and undervalued, please know that I know your work is important.

I will always be an advocate for the upliftment of your profession – in every way.

I had a front row seat to watch librarians, teachers, counsellors, teaching assistants, coaches, building staff and community volunteers selflessly go above and beyond for students. Daily actions can and do change the trajectory of students’ lives.

These sparks happening in Tulsa school buildings are the very reason we want public schools to be well governed and well run. Creating an environment today where students can become their best selves is an investment that keeps coming back for generations to come.

Tulsa Public Schools are an impressive institution essential to our city now and in the future. It is not a cliché to say that public schools are the foundation of our democracy. It’s a place where every day the least of us can walk through the door of school and learn to solve problems and compete in the world because someone in this building encourages them, believes in them and assure them that they belong.


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