Digital banking start-up DNBC weighs on the security of every transaction


The DNBC Financial Group was founded by The Hung Anh in 2017, professionally known as Jimmy lee, headquartered at Singapore. With a mission to support individuals as well as businesses in financial transactions around the world, DNBC has recently made the banking process easier and more convenient by adapting more innovative changes for digital payments. Digital innovations bring a wide range of industrial business outcomes. It enables digital banking start-up DNBC to reach target markets and focus more on customer bases.

Global access to data can raise concerns about how to respond to privacy breaches and the fight against cybercrime. Data security presents challenges in terms of stability compared to many types of industry. Financial regulations should focus on stability, integrity, competition, customer protection and confidentiality.

At DNBC, Financial Regulation strives to manage privacy policy and reduce illicit activity, especially anti-money laundering (AML). Leverage cybersecurity around sensitive data and focus on technologies to help digital banking outperform transaction fraud. DNBC office in Lithuania worked with Ernst & Young Baltic (E&Y) as an independent AML audit partner for its branch in Lithuania and EU / EEA to increase transparency, prevent money laundering and raise standards.

Financial stability and integrity at DNBC

Data sharing improves asymmetric information problems and thus results in financial stability and integrity. DNBC approves standard contractual clauses as a legal mechanism for data transfers from the European Union. DNBC also relies on the EU-US Privacy Shields to protect the personal information of certain of the third-party service providers in the US who have certified qualifications to receive that information under life protection programs. private.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating Terrorist Financing (CFT) are other exclusive areas where DNBC remains focused on improving stable integrity. Even though these areas come with costs in terms of compliance and procedures, the DNBC still has a position of demonstrating positive role models. Therefore, this process may result in the exclusion of people who cannot present enough positive documents or who do not have access to proof of positive numbers.

Collaboration can help create regulatory consistency, prevent cybercrime, and protect user data. Therefore, DNBC also cooperates with industry regulators as well as protection authorities to improve the efficiency of the service. DNBC also launches IDenfy features and Authy OTP authentication which provides administrative resources to collect user identifications.

Secure transfer services at DNBC

The most complete SEPA transfer and International transfer via SWIFT offers are available to make DNBC a trusted partner for many organizations and personal customers. Many SMEs and large companies around Europe, Asia, America and Latin America choose DNBC for digital payments. Customer data will always be SSL / TLS encrypted. Each transaction received by SMS with a request for payment, and it will be asked to transfer the amount accepted.

“Specialized players as digital banking companies have unbundled financial services, allowing consumers to find and choose preferred service suites. If technologies are to increase convenience and facilitate secure payments, we integrate them seamlessly into the digital journey with our customers., “ Founder and CEO, Mr. Jimmy lee noted.

Whether users are local residents or non-residents in any country, opening a digital online account will improve the security of money transfers and make payments anywhere via channels. digital banking. DNBC Personal account is highly secure and packed with features to process fast and convenient payments. Cloud security solutions and two-step authentication will be applied before and after the transfer process.

In the event that users are from international organizations or business entities with a Corporate account or one International Account will significantly speed up business operations. Users can receive payments and perform business expenses under the protection of 2FA authentications.

Digital banking services are all subject to the financial regulatory perimeter. The protection of privacy and data brings about economically significant changes in the production of financial services. These regulations may tend towards individual control. Balance competition and efficiency with privacy, while increasing consumer protection and improving financial inclusion. DNBC always ensures that regulatory consistency of data privacy protections is necessary in competition. Therefore, every transaction through the DNBC digital platform goes beyond the scope of digital payment privacy protection..

DNBC plans for IPO

When a company reaches the stage of the growth process where it is considered mature enough to apply the IPO Application Disclosure Form. Along with the benefits and accountability to public shareholders, DNBC will take a stand to show the interests of the company to the public. The IPO is an important step because it allows DNBC to have access to investments and the introduction of the company on the global market.

With a strategic and prudential plan for the next 5 years, DNBC plans to take its turn on the market. Currently, DNBC goes through a private appraisal and the company has achieved a private appraisal of approximately $ 100 million. With millions of people searching for an “API” and “digital banking solutions” all over the world every day, DNBC is now poised to prove its potential profitability in the industry competition.



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