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Children: put down your devices and talk to your friends

I always thought that the internet would be the ruin of society. It seems I was right. Young people spend far too much time on devices. When you look at young people today, their phones are an extension of their hands.

We must return to certain values ​​of old, and our young people will not have time to be depressed, as some seem to be. Device time should be limited, as well as social media. They should spend more time with their friends in person, not on the phone. I’ve seen parents dine at restaurants with their children, and no one is talking. They are all looking at tiny screens.

Children need structure and discipline. They need homework, hobbies, chores, curfews, and a school dress code. If people are properly dressed, I think they conduct themselves more professionally. Yes, school is a job for both teachers and students. If young people are busy with school and friends, I believe they will be happier. It’s just common sense.

Valerie Romeo, Bayport

Bring back outdoor dining, which we need

How disappointing that so many restaurants have removed their outdoor dining areas. How are people with weakened immune systems or other health conditions supposed to eat at restaurants that have removed their patios?

I’m sure many doctors have told their patients that eating inside restaurants isn’t the best thing for them. As someone with a compromised immune system, it bothers me that I am even more limited now that it has been taken away from me.

Please reconsider bringing back outdoor dining for people like me, who have been waiting for spring and summer to be able to go out to eat.

Barbara Nathan, Wantagh

Non-union candidates fight an uphill battle

The letter “School boards need free-spirited members” [Just Sayin’, April 30] couldn’t be more specific. Teachers’ unions have taken control of school boards on Long Island, but never more evident than here in the Sachem School District. In fact, if this year‘s teachers’ union slate wins, all nine seats on the board will be filled by hand-picked teachers’ union candidates. This is simply wrong.

School boards should represent the interests of the community and the students, not the teachers’ union. The conduct of these union-backed elections is near perfect because candidates who are not union-backed cannot compete with the money and campaign volunteers poured into school board elections by the teachers’ union.

It’s time for the community to fight back and vote for candidates not supported by the teachers’ union.

Rich Sayres, Holtsville

Let’s remember those who died from COVID

Has the anger and discord over masking and vaccinations made us forget the millions of people here and around the world who have died from COVID-19? Because many did not learn or remember the history of the 1918 flu, they were unprepared for this pandemic. In addition to a national memorial, a day and hour should be established for our nation to remember and mourn the one million Americans who died. I hope Congress will act quickly to commemorate our loss and also educate future generations, so they are prepared for the next pandemic.

Leonard Urban, Halesite


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