Eastman Credit Union innovates at the Clinchfield site | New


{span id = “docs-internal-guid-dbc60ba6-7fff-7297-2485-88ea073ce95b”} {span id = “docs-internal-guid-dbc60ba6-7fff-7297-2485-88ea073ce95b”}KINGSPORT – Eastman Credit Union looked to the future on Thursday as local officials and ECU staff inaugurated the site of its next facility at the corner of Clinchfield and West Market streets.

The new downtown location will offer multiple drive-thru lanes, curbside assistance and two lanes with interactive ATMs. These offer a video option that provides members with cashier assistance as needed. The new ECU location is expected to open in spring 2022.. {/ span} {/ span}

{span id = “docs-internal-guid-dbc60ba6-7fff-7297-2485-88ea073ce95b”} {span id = “docs-internal-guid-dbc60ba6-7fff-7297-2485-88ea073ce95b”}ECU is one of the largest credit unions in the country, with $ 6.7 billion in assets. ECU is a non-profit financial services cooperative serving over 270,000 members across 32 locations. ECU members have access to more than 56,200 free ATMs across the country, as well as a range of financial services, including free checks and free online banking.{/ span} {/ span}

{span id = “docs-internal-guid-dbc60ba6-7fff-7297-2485-88ea073ce95b”} {span id = “docs-internal-guid-dbc60ba6-7fff-7297-2485-88ea073ce95b”}For more information, visit www.ecu.org or call (800) 999-2328.{/ span} {/ span}


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