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Bowling Green Daily News. June 12, 2022.

Editorial: Booker’s anti-racism ad is disgusting

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Charles Booker of Kentucky has proven time and time again that he is too wide awake for Kentucky.

Booker was elected in the May primary to be the Democrats’ nominee to run against incumbent U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky.

He is seen by all political insiders as a long shot against Paul, who is seeking his third term in the Senate.

We agree with these political insiders. Among the many reasons Booker is a longshot against Paul, not only is he running against an incumbent in deep red condition, but his progressive views — such as his support for the Green New Deal and financial reparations for descendants of slaves – are well disconnected from the majority of Kentuckians.

First, the Green New Deal will not fly in Eastern and Western Kentucky at all. These are key areas that Booker would need to be on the verge of defeating Paul. Second, his speech on reparations for descendants of slaves reminds us of what we saw last week from California, where there is a proposal to force residents of that state to pay reparations.

This theme might play well in La La Land, but it won’t play well here in Kentucky. To suggest that current generations pay for the actions of what used to be a minority of people, even in the South, is simply stupid. It would be like descendants of slaves paying reparations to the descendants of Union soldiers who died so they could be free.

If those views weren’t out of the mainstream enough for Kentuckians, a video ad titled “Pain of our Past” that Booker’s campaign aired last week – featuring a noose around Booker’s neck – was a remarkable exhibit for taking demagoguery to a whole new level. in our state.

In his campaign ad, a black and white photo is shown of a black man hanged in what appears to be the late 19th or early 20th century with a crowd of white people at the scene.

Booker speaks throughout the ad and says, “The pain of our past lingers to this day. In Kentucky, as in many southern states, lynching was a tool of terror. It was used to kill the hopes of freedom. It was used to kill my ancestors. Now, in a historic victory for our Commonwealth, I have become the first black Kentuckian to receive the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate.

His victory in May, which he describes as a first, demonstrates that most Kentuckians are focused on the future rather than the past.

“My opponent? Booker continues as images of Paul flash on the screen, is “the single person who prevented an anti-lynching act from being federal law.”

What Booker fails to mention in his announcement is that Paul co-sponsored an updated bill, known as the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act, which passed the Senate in March and is now in effect. vigor. Paul single-handedly delayed the legislation in 2020, saying he feared it would be applied too broadly as written.

Booker tries to suggest that Paul condones the lynching. We have never seen or heard anything to suggest that Paul has a racist bone in his body.

Paul deserves a lot of credit for his hard work on criminal justice reform, which has had a positive impact on people of color. Our state’s young senator worked with black leaders to help push this much-needed reform forward and ultimately pass it.

In a statement last Wednesday, Jake Cox, Paul’s deputy campaign manager, suggested Booker’s announcement was “a desperate misrepresentation of the facts.”

Cox is on target.

Once again, Booker demonstrated in this campaign ad how much of a candidate he truly woke up to.

To suggest that Paul somehow condones lynching is absolutely absurd and not grounded in reality. It is an attempt to use the race card, which has become the modus operandi of the Democratic Party.

We anticipate that this campaign ad will alienate many Kentucky voters, and rightly so, because it is factually inaccurate, misrepresents present-day Kentucky, and is a classic example of character assassination.

Paul can rightfully boast that he was a co-sponsor of legislation that ensures federal law will define lynching as the absolutely heinous crime that it is.

Another issue we take with this announcement is that Booker says his ancestors were victims of lynching. We’d say he lost his credibility for us to believe him after making that outrageous video.

This video is a true indication of where Booker’s campaign is.

The video was an attempt to smear a good man’s name. It further indicates that Booker’s campaign has no real ideas for Kentucky and that its only slim chance for the election is to play on fear – which is indicated by this disgusting video.

Desperate candidates, which we think Booker is, usually run deplorable campaign ads like this very close to the general election. The fact that his campaign took place at this time shows a campaign that has poor leadership, no vision and a candidate who lacks ideas that the majority of the electorate will support.

In this vile campaign ad, Booker says, “The choice couldn’t be clearer. Do we move forward together or do we let politicians like Rand Paul hold us back forever and pull us apart?

We submit to the Senate the hope that it is people like you who are holding us back and tearing us apart with hateful, racist ads like the one you appeared in last week.


Ashland Independent Daily. June 15, 2022.

Editorial: Arming teachers is a bad decision

Some believe that more guns in the general public will keep everyone safe.

How is it possible ?

More guns in the general population means more opportunities to get shot no matter who has the guns or how much training they have.

An even worse idea is to arm teachers, which is likely to happen in Ohio.

Reuters News Services reported that Ohio is set to enact a law allowing teachers and other staff to be armed with firearms in schools once they have completed up to 24 hours of training. initial. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the bill into law.

Proponents hope that armed teachers will reduce the frequency and fatality of school shootings, which have become a regular occurrence in the United States.

Opponents of the bill, including teachers’ unions and the state’s main police union, say it will only make schools more dangerous for children.

We agree. This decision will increase the danger for children who attend a school where teachers carry weapons.

Some children will be tempted to snatch the teachers’ weapons and play with them. This is how accidental shootings happen, and accidental shootings are just as serious as intentional shootings because someone ends up being injured or dead.

Some children will be tempted to grab the gun to shoot someone. Maybe the child has mental issues, or maybe he doesn’t grasp the seriousness of guns.

Firearms have been known to accidentally discharge in a less lax situation. and firearms have also been known to “accidentally” discharge.

While some teachers probably already know how to handle a firearm, many have never handled one and have no desire to do so. Unfortunately, with a law like this on the books, those teachers might feel pressured by the administration and parents to carry a gun. These are people who should never have a gun.

Even experienced hunters, gun owners and sport shooters will find, when faced with a situation that requires shooting a human being, even to protect others, hesitation may arise and this may mean the dead, maybe theirs. Simply put, it’s not as easy to shoot and kill someone as you might think.

There are ways to stop school shootings, but getting guns into the hands of teachers is not one of them.



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