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Roz Lynn Dorf: Election trial: Garnett can be trusted

Having worked as a criminal defense paralegal in Boulder for most of my 42-year career, I am sure Stan Garnett would not initiate a frivolous and baseless lawsuit in Boulder. If Stan Garnett hadn’t had prima facie evidence of wrongdoing against Steve Rosenblum, I’m sure he wouldn’t even have filed a complaint.

I have lived in Boulder since 1972 when I moved here for my graduate studies. It is the most disturbing election since the recall election of Penfield Tate and Tim Fuller.

Roz Lynn Dorf


Suzanne De Lucia: Mark Wallach: He has proven himself

This is my second stint working on Mark Wallach’s campaign for city council. In the first campaign two years ago, he was a stranger and I liked what I heard, so I rushed to help get him elected.

At this point, he has more than proven that he deserves to be re-elected. My opinion is that he is by far our best city councilor and that our city is better because he is on the council. Mark does his research and tackles every problem with thought, common sense and intelligence.

Mark has been endorsed by EVERY current Council member and dozens of other influential Council and Council members, present and past. This kind of respect can only be earned. This is a testament to his ability to get things done, to work on both sides of a problem, and to be effective. He’s a problem solver and a realist. There is no hidden agenda with Mark. He loves Boulder and wants it to be the best it can be.

Of the 10 candidates vying for five Council seats, Mark is the only incumbent. We need the continuity and rapport that his re-election will provide. Please do not take my approval to mean that I agree with all decisions made by Mark. As of this writing, I disagree with his vote for the annexation of CU Sud. However, I still think he needs to be re-elected.

A vote for Mark Wallach for city council is a vote for a better Boulder. Find out for yourself on their website at www.wallachforcouncil.com.

Suzanne De Lucie


Alice Emma: Rooms: Living Illegally

I am a young professional. Three others and I live somewhere in one of your quarters, in a cozy house on a cheerful street. We are one of the many households living illegally: because it is illegal to live in a house with more than three unrelated residents. Maybe we are seniors who find a community with roommates. Perhaps we are the same people who collect student loans from your universities, invest in education so that we can best reinvest ourselves in this community. Maybe we’re the faces you see supporting Boulderites at a variety of locations. Maybe it doesn’t matter who we are, our house is legal. What we are are community oriented women who want to live in a four bedroom house. We are your nannies, educators, scientists, artists, servers and friends.

Boulder suggests it is “full”. There are empty rooms in this city, and there are those who fear being evacuated from theirs. City resources perform inspections to see how many people reside in a space. The Bedrooms measure will not cause an influx of people crowded into homes, and the rent for family homes will not suddenly swell; if the supply of (legal) rooms increases, neither does the demand / price increase (this is the basis of the economy). There will be strict standards and owners will have to meet them. People are already living the way they want to be: allow them to do it legally, without fear.

I am also someone who would like to have a family here. Supporting one does not mean rejecting the success of the other.

What is the number 1 thing that makes up a community? People. Let’s keep Boulder accessible. Let’s go for the future! Make sure to submit your ballots in November. #BedroomsAreForPeople

Alice emma


Henry Hermes: Chambers: High net worth investors vote yes

If you have any questions or concerns on how to vote on Boulder Ballot Question 300, please Google “Wall Street Businesses Buy Single Family Homes” for the relevant articles, or open the URL: https://slate.com / business / 2021/06 / blackrock-invitations-houses-investment-real estate-companies.html
for a great article on how investment firm Blackrock bought a portfolio of 12,556 homes in the Atlanta area, worth about $ 16 billion, increased the number of bedrooms per home, and collects approximately $ 1.9 billion in rental income per year. Young families trying to buy a house are outbid!

Henri hermes


Kiran Herbert: Nicole Speer: She listens with compassion

Recently on Nextdoor, I tried to engage in local politics (I don’t recommend it). I was kind and collected, my arguments well documented and reasoned. The response was aggressive: several people told me to go back to where I came from, even though it has been my home for five years. As a young woman of color, the conversation made me feel unsafe. Many in Boulder believe themselves to be liberal but are not progressive or thoughtful. I have lived all over the world and in the United States but in Boulder I feel the least welcome. I am upper middle class but cannot afford to buy a house here. I care about our environment but I don’t see Teslas as a sustainable solution. I feel like I have little voice and I imagine it is much worse for the most marginalized populations – the poor, our Spanish speakers, the homeless – who live here. Dr. Nicole Speer is someone who truly believes in inclusiveness; she actively listens and considers multiple points of view. As a scientist, she lets data guide her decisions, but she also leads with compassion, bringing people to the table. His mission is to be of service and we would be lucky to have him on our municipal council.

Kiran herbert




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