Elementary school staff raise funds to help employee apply for U.S. citizenship



WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Earlier this week, teachers and staff at Chisholm Trail Elementary School made a man’s dream come true.

José Hernández is described as a diligent guardian in primary school. Besides keeping the building clean, he also worked hard to study for his US citizenship.

Hernandez moved to the United States several years ago and is now a resident there, but it wasn’t until last year that he decided to apply for his citizenship.

Tiffany Nickel, a special education teacher at Chisholm Trail Elementary School, discovered that he only needed a little over $ 200 to qualify for the application. It was then that she rallied the school staff to mobilize and help.

“It was just amazing the support we got immediately,” said Nickel. “Over a two week period, the teachers went out of their pocket and donated $ 1,000 for him, which will hopefully pay for the first part of this US citizenship test so he can continue.” to fulfill his dream of becoming an American citizen. “

Now that Mr. Hernandez has enough money to apply for citizenship, teachers and students at Chisholm Trail Elementary School hope to see him at his naturalization ceremony when the time comes.

“We don’t care if he speaks a different language,” Nickel said. “We don’t care about his nationality. He just wants to come here and do his part and have a better life. That was our goal: to make everyone feel welcome and wanted in our country.



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