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Elon Musk now has the keys to Twitter. Musk, the world’s richest man, bought the social media company for a whopping $44 billion in cash. The huge transaction left me and countless others wondering: Did Musk buy the ability to reshape the discourse on Twitter?

The Tesla CEO has made clear his intention to change Twitter’s rules to maximize free speech. But does he now control the conversation? There’s a lot to consider here and we’ll learn more as Musk settles in as owner of the social media company.


In the meantime, I’m curious about something else: the 44 billion dollars. It is difficult for many of us to understand this amount of money. But I find myself thinking what I would do with that kind of wealth if I had it. I was curious what our friends, family, and 30Seconds community would do with $44 billion, so I asked them.

Here’s how they answered the billion dollar question. As you can see, we received many responses and people have wonderful ideas!

  1. “Find ways to create peace in the world. Too much turmoil right now!”
  2. “Donate to Ukraine. Donate to animal welfare sites. Feed the poor. Cure Alzheimer’s disease.”
  3. “Optimize everyone’s Go Fund Me Pages.”
  4. “I would focus on community building projects for urban areas that focus on improving the standard of living for the entire community. Kind of like the Atlanta beltline project. I would also give grants to those who would use to build their community.”
  5. “Combating Child Abuse; Babies and Children Cannot Protect Themselves.”
  6. “Sleep a week while I think about it.”
  7. “Pay off my student loan, buy a nice house, pay off my aunt’s debt, take care of my nieces’ college education, invest, pay for my funeral and end-of-life nursing care, and continue to live as if I was broke and had no income.”
  8. “Investing in ways to save the planet and help the people on it.”
  9. “Become Batman. Seriously.”
  10. “[Prioritize] take care of me and my children! And lots of classes, trainers, personal health chefs, fine wine and therapy! Oh, and build my garden with one flower of every kind.”
  11. “Work with a nonprofit to reduce utility payments for low-income families through insulation, energy-efficient appliances, solar power, and more.”
  12. “Donate $43 billion to well-researched charitable causes and still be a billionaire myself.”
  13. “Weak!”
  14. “Stop working, invest a little, travel with the rest. Forever.”
  15. “I would work with people who really know what they are doing to help end world hunger, provide medical services, supplies and assistance around the world, with a focus on the elderly, children and patients with special needs, investing in the arts, working with micro-loans to help people achieve their dreams that will be better thought out than anything I can decide for them, supporting environmental initiatives, giving to social justice causes and investing in quality education from kindergarten through graduate school that leads to innovative thinking.”
  16. “Share it!”
  17. “Give money to every person in my city and my hometown to boost the economy and give people the opportunity to pursue a goal or a dream that is theirs.”
  18. “Invest every penny to find a cure for cancer.”
  19. “Fund long-term care for my husband and I to take that burden off my child, and enjoy traveling and immersing myself in as many cultures as possible.”
  20. “Lift people out of poverty.”
  21. “[Start] a small, creative and beautifully inclusive school, and then many of that same model in many communities! Small classes, a flexible program, an inspiring setting and lots of nature on the ground! (And a beach house for me because I can afford it with that kind of money!)”
  22. “Buy a cabin on Lake Keuka and pay for college for lots of kids!”
  23. “Get my son the care he needs.”
  24. “Do something good for the world. Like fully fund a program that is already working to end homelessness. Or donate money to medical research or organizations that work for universal health care.”
  25. “Pay off my student loans, get a good meal and donate the rest.”
  26. “Put a dent in ANYTHING to uplift people.”
  27. “[Donate to organizations focusing on] housing, health care, food security, as well as college coverage for those in need in my community. Probably start my own school with better pay for educators and a more flexible, creative and hands-on approach to learning and that would include swimming, cooking, farming and sign language as a core curriculum.”
  28. “Make sure every Planned Parenthood is fully funded forever.”
  29. “Investing in educational initiatives: building schools, funding libraries and museums, sponsoring field trips, etc.”
  30. “I would buy all the banned books I could get my hands on and give them away for free. I would also buy my husband a motorbike and a boat.”
  31. “Pick 44 important causes and donate a billion to it… Basically, I’d do more than buy some dumb app that people use for free.”
  32. “Buy a house on a farm, new vehicles, pay my debts and those of my family. Prepare my children for life (but don’t tell them they still appreciate hard work), buy an RV and travel in the USA.”
  33. “I would like to pay off foreigners’ debt. I would also like to provide free health care to people who need it most. I would also pay off my family’s mortgages.”
  34. “Growing my business, investing and traveling.”
  35. “Invest a few billion in green energy, sustainable technologies and other initiatives to help the planet. Invest in alternative learning centers to bring back apprenticeship-style hands-on learning and save the dying arts by teaching the next generation how to make them.”
  36. “All that I want!”
  37. “I would just focus on how I could help others and our planet while traveling and seeing the world with my kids.”
  38. “Set up my mum, pay for college, buy a house in Cape Town, travel and donate the remaining 42 billion.”
  39. “Buy a house. Pay off my mother-in-law’s house. Create an education fund for my grandson. Donate to St. Jude’s, veterans organizations, and many food banks.”
  40. “Pay off all the debts of all my family and friends. Invest a ton and donate lots and lots to endless amounts of good causes!

It’s clear that many of us care about others, including strangers, and want to make a difference. If only we were all billionaires. As for me, I would take care of my family and friends, buy a lakeside house for my little family, and then get to work trying to make a difference. Affordable housing is a cause close to my heart, so I think I would start there, listening to those who are affected as well as those who know a lot more than I do. I am not a billionaire but know that I can still make a difference. We all can.

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