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ATHENS – It’s an almost annual phenomenon – Greek students take over their high schools during protests – but this year it has escalated with more demands and teachers are resisting the demand to be assessed.

The New Democracy government reinstated teacher performance reviews and a court overturned teacher union strike plans, but they said they would refuse to cooperate with the plan.

With the COVID-19 pandemic also threatening to close some classrooms, the education ministry issued a circular mandating distance learning in cases where in-person classes have been disrupted by sit-in protests .

It is estimated that 130 schools have been occupied by students across the country as they oppose the requirement to pass university entrance exams to be admitted and do not want to be tested for COVID-19. they are not vaccinated.

The number of sit-ins may soon increase as the so-called student ‘coordinating committee’ has called for protest rallies in Athens and other cities across the country on October 11 and shows no signs of backing down. to their requests.

The secondary teachers ‘union (OLME) has asked its members to refrain from teaching online if their school is affected by a sit-in, the newspaper said, with teachers joining their students’ ranks to confront the government.

OLME and DOE, which is the federation of primary school teachers, held a rally in Athens on September 30 to protest the prospect of mandatory assessments, while calling for more hires as they said schools are understaffed.



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