Hammond Teachers Express Pay and Safety Concerns Before Collective Bargaining Begins | Latest titles



Special education teachers spoke of heavy workloads – 25 to 50 students – in addition to classroom tasks expected of them. A speech-language pathologist said the people in her department had a workload of 100 or more each.

“They expect too much for the little money they pay us,” said a special education teacher.

More than one of the educators said that treating teachers better and having better working conditions would not only have a positive effect on them, but “the students will reap the benefits”, as argued. said a teacher.

Concerns have also been raised about the safety of COVID-19. With classes of around 30, there is no room for social distancing, they said. Not only do large classes make it difficult to protect children from COVID-19, teachers said they were told class sizes will decrease after consolidation when in reality the opposite is true. ‘is produced.

One teacher spoke about teachers having to use their own accumulated sick leave if they contract COVID-19, even though many are around 1,000 or more children per week between their own classes and replace other teachers when they are. absent.

Trustee Carlotta Blake-King took power as a taxpayer, she said Tuesday evening. She said she wanted the teachers to be “whole” and in the right spirit to teach the children.



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