Hi, news: Oregon’s air quality is improving, Seattle teachers’ strike continues, and Ukrainians are returning to foreclosed homes


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– Southeast Portland’s Arleta Triangle has been transformed into a public plaza intended to deter traffic collisions and gun violence in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood. The Mercury‘s Isabella Garcia attended the launch party for the new community space on Thursday night.

– It’s time for the Time Based Art Festival in Portland, and Mercury Editor-in-chief Suzette Smith makes sure you don’t miss the gems. Read Smith’s rundown of the four most hilarious things (and one scary thing) that happened on Friday NOTHING TO BE performance.

–Bob Stacey, a former metro councilor and influential figure in Oregon land use planning, died Thursday at the age of 72. , a fight that placed him facing the Rajneeshee cult in court.

– A new newsletter has just dropped:

– Oregon’s Cedar Creek Fire in the Willamette National Forest quadrupled in size over the weekend, leaving Portland draped in thick, eerie smoke. On Sunday, firefighters said a change in the weather had made the 86,000-acre blaze easier to contain and would clear hazy skies quickly.

– Today marks the fourth day of a strike by Seattle public school teachers, which began on the district’s first day of school. The teachers’ union remains in contract negotiations with the school district over teacher compensation and support for students with special needs.

– Surprise, surprise: King Charles does not have to pay inheritance tax on the multimillion-worth properties he inherited from his mother. All other wealthy non-royal Britons are forced to pay this tax, which is strangely encouraging news.

– In other Queen news, it turns out that Queen Elizabeth’s corgis are not is going to be buried alive with her – and instead be given to her son Andrew (the scary one, for those who keep track).

– Ukrainians returned home victoriously today as Ukrainian forces retook areas of northeastern Ukraine seized by Russian troops months earlier. “People are crying, people are happy, of course. How could they not be happy! a retired English teacher named Zoya tearfully told Reuters.

– As we enter the work week, I leave you with this reminder: the typical career is 80,000 hours long. This means that your job is only one-sixth of your waking existence. Act accordingly.


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