Hungarian government wants teachers to work for free during strike –


With negotiations between the government and teachers’ unions over improving working conditions having failed, Telex reports that teachers are now preparing to strike following the executive’s “absurd” proposals.

Hungarian teachers demanded higher salaries and better working conditions, but negotiations with the government came to nothing.

The Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) is currently preparing a two hour work stoppage on January 31 in preparation for an indefinite strike from March 16 if their conditions are not met.

According to the PDSZ, one of the two largest teachers’ organizations in the country along with the Teachers’ Union (PSZ), Deputy Secretary of State László Kisfaludy in charge of education has asked union representatives to continue supervising students during the two-hour strike next week, but also hold at least 75% of the courses, that is to say at least one of the two periods concerned.

Since the strikers cannot claim any pay during the strike, the teachers would work for free.

Negotiations ended without result, and the union said no progress can be expected on wages and working conditions, so it will continue to organize the protest on Monday. According to their statement, more than 20,000 people have signed their petition so far.

(Vlagyiszlav Makszimov | with telex)


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