I have found a secret Facebook list follow everywhere I go online – delete yours NOW


A WOMAN warned Facebook users to erase their Facebook history in a viral TikTok video.

The clip explains how to view your “non-Facebook activity,” which shows which apps Facebook has followed you to.


The popular TikTok explains how to access your activity outside of Facebook and shows you which of your apps has been “tracked”Credit: TikTok / @skillsoverpolitic

TikToker user @skillsoverpolitic said, “Facebook tracks every app you visit.

“If you do online banking, they track when you click on your online banking app through your phone.”

She then explains that she “stumbled” in shock when she saw this.

To see your own activity outside of Facebook, you need to go to the app settings, find your Facebook information, then click on “Activity outside of Facebook”.

The TikToker then explains how to clear all off-platform app information that Facebook has been tracking.

This is easy to do by simply clicking on “Clear History”.

A message should appear stating “Your activity has been deleted”.

The apps previously listed in the section should disappear.

The TikToker then directs users to the More Options button.

Here you can download the information collected about you or manage any future data collection.

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