Inflation, Reproductive Rights, and Student Debt Cancellation Drive Midterm Election Voting Decisions Among U.S. College Students


77% of students plan to vote in midterm elections according to national survey

REDWOOD CITY, CA., October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Course Hero, the popular learning platform used by a global community of students and teachers, was released today the results of a poll focused on issues that will influence students’ midterm voting decisions.

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“Students today no longer fit the old stereotype. They are often the first in their families to go to college, and many juggle caregiving, parenting, and work while learning,” said declared Harriet Seitler, Executive Vice President of Course Hero. “This survey reflects the reality that a multitude of issues, from student debt to the economy and social justice, weigh heavily on students. It tells us that they intend to make their voices heard in the midterm elections.”

This midterm election marks the first time that the majority of Generation Z, representing 20% of the American population, will have the right to vote. According recent estimatesthis equates to more than 8 million young people who have become eligible to vote since the 2020 presidential election, with Millennials and Gen Z now making up more than half of the US population.

Key Issues Influencing Student Vote in Midterm Elections

  • Inflation: 66% of students surveyed say inflation will be a major influencing factor for their vote. Although concerns about inflation were highest among Gen X students (69%), inflation also ranked among the top issues for Gen Z voters (63%) and Generation Y (67%).

  • College cost: Nearly half of survey respondents in every age group indicated that the cost of college and student loans will influence their vote: Gen Z (43%), Millennials (49%) and Gen X ( 46%).

  • Roe vs. Wade: The reversal of Roe vs. Wade will impact midterm student votes (46%), with Gen Z voters expressing the greatest concern across all age groups (50%). Gen Z respondents indicated that the impact of Roe vs. Wade will also influence their personal choices, including who they will vote for (56%), their love and sex life (34%) and their state of residence (30%).

  • Cancellation of student debt: 43% of students surveyed consider canceling student debt a key voting issue in this election. Overall, female students (48%) said they were more concerned about debt forgiveness than male students (35%) surveyed.

College issues influencing votes

  • When asked if issues related to education or college would influence respondents’ voting decisions, an even higher percentage of students (59%) indicated that the cost of college and student loans would influence respondents the most. their vote.

  • Gen Z respondents say safety at school (48%), getting a job after college (45%), sexual assault in college (36%) and freedom to expression and prejudice on campus (29%) will influence their vote.

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Survey methodology
Course Hero conducted an interception investigation on from September 23 to October 4, 2022. The survey results are based on responses from 1,026 college students who identified themselves as eligible to vote in the 2022 midterm elections. The survey included male, female, and non-binary respondents ages 18 and up. more. Respondents were evenly split across generations: Gen Z (29%), Millennial (39%), Gen X (26%) and 58+ (5%).

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