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The state’s 3,428 emergency teacher certifications tell the whole story of Oklahoma. As you reflect on which state leaders to vote for over the next 10 months, think about the candidates who truly support adequate and equal education for all.

And who has a plan to achieve these goals? Quality education is Oklahoma’s key to lifting all the boats in every city and rural area. This must be our main investment in this state.

Higher education promotes increased income, higher standard of living, better health, home ownership, fewer divorces, less domestic violence – too much to list here.

Above all, schools with more challenges must be given more resources. The 2018 protest at our Capitol is long past history as the surrounding states are once again ahead of us in wages and benefits.

However, we are using education money to make millionaires. Like most of us, teachers follow the money and the benefits. But they also wonder if they are treated well, if they get the respect they deserve, and if the school is providing what they need to best teach our students.

They’ve all won all of these things, and we have to provide them to them. All students are our precious future. They will replace us and they deserve the best we can offer them. Choose your candidates based on their experience and their project. Avoid those who have neither.



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