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The majority of Flagstaff residents are supporters of public education. Education imparts critical thinking skills to pursue rewarding jobs and careers. It aims to ensure that all our children, regardless of their economic status, receive the same quality education that enables them to achieve their dreams; and create a better future for all of our society. Statewide surveys have shown that education is a top priority for our citizens.

Unfortunately, LD6 is represented by two elected officials, in particular with a terrible record in the face of our neighborhood schools. Representative Walt Blackman and Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers voted to cut funding for education, allowing high incomes to shirk their civic responsibility to contribute their fair share of our state’s revenues. Blackman proposed to place public schools in a competitive market, which would create winners and losers among our children. Rogers is downright hostile to public education, saying, “It ruins the lives of normal people. She even recently called for the shutdown of the US Department of Education.

Under their “leadership,” Arizona fell to 51st place for per-student spending from Kindergarten to Grade 12, as reported by the Education Law Center. Arizona now ranks 50th nationally for median annual teacher compensation, leaving thousands of classrooms without permanent or substitute teachers.

In 1913, Louis Brandeis (future judge of the Brandeis Supreme Court) wrote: “The sun is the best disinfectant. May the sun shine on these LD6 officials. Elect representatives who support public education. The future of our children and the functioning of our democracy demand it.


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