Letters and comments: July 18, 2021


We are 49th in teacher salaries: do better

How Much Should Brevard County Teachers Make?

With shrinking budgets and so much money to spend, how much can we afford them? I’ve no idea. I know this: Florida ranks 49th in the country for average teacher salary. A teacher has to work outside of the classroom to do a good job in the classroom. The authorities of the school system know this and allow it. The law then requires that teachers be paid for this outside of classroom work.

Increase teachers’ salaries. Or mandate and impose that a teacher does not work outside the classroom (at least without being paid). There remains another place in the national ranking for teacher compensation, not to mention the impact on students.

Steven T. Smith, Indian Harbor Beach

“Get the shot”

This is a call to all Brevard Republicans, young and old: shoot yourself.

Concerns? Certainly there is a risk, just like with the first round of: polio, chickenpox, rabies, measles and all the current and necessary vaccinations for safe and healthy citizens. Consider what would have happened to this country if half of the citizens refused to accept all these shots.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is proving to be very deadly. Do you want your children to suffer because of your neglect?

As for the masks: Children don’t really have a problem wearing them (until their “adults” convince them otherwise). All schoolchildren must wear masks. If they are old enough to be vaccinated and have done so, so much the better; they would set a very good example for the younger ones. Teachers should also be masked, although this makes their job a bit more difficult.

For those who still believe the coronavirus is a hoax, talk to the families of the 600,000 and more who have died !! Check with local doctors and hospitals and see for yourself how bad this strain is, how sick those who have had it are, and how old they are.

Get the shots.

Garey Hartman, Melbourne


I have my luck: what you do depends on you

Apparently, “my body, my choice: does not apply to vaccines.

First, I have been fully vaccinated for months and support the vaccine. I’m amazed that the same enemies of Trump, during the high-speed vaccine development process, questioned whether the vaccine would be safe and whether or not they would take it, including our current vice president. Now these same people are accusing the Conservatives of being anti-vaccine?

The vaccine is approved for emergency use and is not fully approved by the FDA – a fact. The current administration pushes the vaccine as if it were selling a used car. I wonder if they are more concerned with Big Pharma’s profits or the health of the country.

Some liberal = ruled states have continued to impose masks indoors even when fully vaccinated, which differs from CDC guidelines. What happened to following science? There are many very qualified scientists with opinions different from those of Dr Fauci. The CDC has become a political arm of this administration and has also grown too close to the teachers’ unions echoing their talking points.

According to science, fully vaccinated people have been successful in overcoming and avoiding the virus and the variants. I am vaccinated and I think if you choose not to be vaccinated that is your problem. I am covered.

Pat Waters Sr., Viera

Dear former President Trump …

Here is an open letter to Donald Trump. You have finished. You are one and you are done. You have gone too far.

I am a veteran. I have sworn to respect the Constitution of the United States. Your actions and words after the November elections, and your words before the January 6 riots, betrayed the Constitution and our democratic process.

You have broken your oath to honor the constitution and its democratic ideals. You have betrayed the founding principles of our county. You are a traitor and should be treated as such. You will not get my vote and I hope you will not get any votes from people who believe in the Constitution of the United States or America. As for the politicians who lick your boots, I put them in the same category.

Jim Witte, Palm Bay

A group of at least 200 community members gathered at the intersection of Palm Bay Road and Hollywood Boulevard in West Melbourne on July 13 to protest in support of Cuba.  The protesters called for humanitarian aid from the United States, saying the Cuban people do not have the necessary weapons, medicine or food.

The embargo caused “incalculable” damage to Cuba

On June 23, 2021, 184 United Nations countries voted to lift the US embargo on Cuba. Only two countries voted against the resolution: the United States and Israel.

These immoral sanctions against Cuba deliberately harm ordinary people in the service of a geopolitical game. UN delegates cited the untold damage the 60-year embargo has caused Cuba. The only beneficiaries are the American politicians who are maneuvering for votes. Trump added even more sanctions during the pandemic, further damaging the Cuban economy and preventing the import of basic supplies, including medicine.

If President Biden truly cares about human rights, he will lift the sanctions against Cuba and ease the misery of its citizens. The only thing the 60-year embargo proves is that the United States is concerned that the Cuban government will succeed in providing for its citizens.

Kathy Freeman, Melbourne


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