Los Angeles Unified School District Expands Partnership with IXL Learning to Boost Academic Success



IXL will continue to provide math and English support to more than 480,000 students in one of the largest school districts in the country.

SAN MATEO, California, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – IXL Learning, the personalized learning platform used by more than 12 million students, today announced a renewal agreement with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Through this partnership, the second largest K-12 district in United States will continue to use the award-winning IXL platform to complement English Language Arts and Mathematics (ELA) education.

IXL Learning

LAUSD’s mission is to ensure academic excellence by providing high quality schools and innovative learning opportunities for all students. With more than 1,100 schools in more than 30 municipalities, the district is the largest public school system in California. LAUSD also serves a large population of bilingual and English-speaking learners, with Latino learners making up 73 percent of its student body.

LAUSD needed a program to support the daily education of students and ensure equitable access to education after the switch to distance learning in spring 2020. The district quickly implemented IXL across the country. district in the fall of 2020 to strengthen its English and math initiatives, and it has become a preferred platform throughout the year. As pandemic-related disruptions persisted, LAUSD sought to better identify learning gaps, use personalized plans to fill them, and come up with effective interventions so that no student falls behind. To meet these needs, LAUSD once again turned to the comprehensive IXL curriculum, real-time diagnostics and in-depth reporting tools to support all of its schools.

“The mission of IXL is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow for success by ensuring that every student has access to an exceptional education,” said Paul Michkine, CEO of IXL Learning. “We are excited to provide LAUSD’s diverse student body with learning experiences that stimulate academic growth and empower educators to make data-informed decisions throughout the year. “

How LAUSD uses IXL
School leaders deeply appreciate the strong set of IXL skills that align with Common California Core Content Standards and align with LAUSD textbooks. Teachers use the IXL curriculum to support whole class and small group instruction, and assign skills for homework to reinforce knowledge. Each IXL skill automatically adapts to learners, so teachers know students are supported and challenged as they begin to master content. IXL has also created personalized skill plans for LAUSD, which show teachers specific IXL skills that match district curriculum maps, making lesson planning transparent.

Educators use the adaptive assessment of XLI, the Real-time diagnostics, to understand exactly what students know and precisely what needs to be done to help them improve. The diagnostic identifies skills at the school level and creates personalized action plans that help close the gaps. Teachers rely on IXL Analytics to monitor student progress, accurately measure knowledge levels throughout the year, and make smarter instructional decisions.

The impact of IXL in California
IXL serves 1 in 5 students in California and is proven to improve results. Research shows IXL schools outperformed non-IXL schools in the math and ELA sections of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. A study too find that schools that used IXL Math or ELA were more likely to achieve blue or green grades on the California Math and ELA scorecards.

About IXL Learning
Currently used by 12 million students and in all of the top 100 school districts in the United States, IXL is an integrated learning platform that supports personalized learning in Math, English, Science, Science. social and in Spanish. With over 90 billion questions asked and answered worldwide, IXL helps schools and parents successfully improve student outcomes. The IXL product family also includes Rosetta stone, Wyzant, Education.com, ABCya and Vocabulary.com. To learn more about IXL, visit www.ixl.com, facebook.com/IXL and twitter.com/IXLELearning.

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