New Adelphi Grant Aims to Help Nurses Become Educators


A new effort is underway to help nurses become educators.

This is thanks to a grant of $ 423,000 from the Nursing Faculty Loan Program in Health Resources and Services Administration at the College of Nursing and Public Health at Adelphi University for the academic year in Classes.

This is a one-year award designed to increase the number of qualified nurse educators in the country, as nationally this talent pool is shrinking as faculty members retire.

The grant serves almost all of our students in their quest to become nursing faculty members, ”Patricia Donohue-Porter, Professor and Director of Adelphidoctorate in nursing, said in a statement.

“This year, the award will enable 28 students to continue to progress over the three years of intense coursework and several years of thesis and research orientation needed to complete their degrees and join the 32 CNPH students who graduated. doctorate and now teach future nurses. in schools in the tri-state region, ”she added.

For more than a decade, support from HRSA – an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services – has supported the AdelphiPh.D. in Nursing Nursing program by providing loans to doctoral students who wish to pursue a career as a professor of nursing. Once a student has secured full-time postgraduate employment as a nursing faculty member, HRSA will write off up to 85% of the loan interest.

“The award continues to reflect the high quality and thoroughness of our doctorate. program that not only leads to a doctorate. in theory and research for our students, but also provides them with a science concentration in doctoral nursing education that prepares them for their role as a professor, ”said Donahue-Porter.

The loan program takes into account the recognition by the National League of Nurses of Adelphi as one of America’s 10 nursing programs for excellence in nursing and for ranking among the top graduate schools in nursing by US News & World Report, according to the university.


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