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“Compliance is different depending on the employee,” said Maritza Bond, director of health for New Haven.

Vaccinate or test, these are the options open to New Haven employees in just under two weeks when the city’s vaccination mandate goes into effect.

City data shows that so far, 1,149 out of 1,406 employees have made a choice. Of those who responded, 77% said they had been vaccinated. Almost 250 have opted for weekly testing.

“It’s very positive overall,” Bond said. “There was cooperation and support from the unions as a whole. “

The Fire Union did not comment on the mandate and the Police Union did not respond to NBC Connecticut’s request for comment.

“If individuals are not getting the vaccine and are not going to include a vaccination, then as long as they are registered to do weekly test compliance, that is what really matters,” Bond said.

The city plans to facilitate these weekly tests.

“We’re making sure they have access to testing for those who opt out (of vaccination) for the testing option,” Bond said. “And then we also expanded the health service two days a week for the employees. “

The city does not have vaccination data by department. But for police, firefighters and 911 dispatchers who choose not to be vaccinated, the city is going the extra mile to have tests available to them as well, recognizing that they have a specific need depending on their operations. 24 hours.

The New Haven Federation of Teachers Union provided its members with an update on vaccine reporting efforts. Educators fall under the governor’s decree on immunizations which also begins September 27. Union president David Cicarella said they were working with the New Haven Board of Education on the audit.

“We consider the compromise to be very reasonable in trying to ensure everyone’s safety,” Cicarella said. “Nothing will be 100%, but you take all possible measures to get as close as possible to it. “

He says he doesn’t have an exact number of teachers vaccinated due to HIPPA restrictions, but is confident the number is quite high as they return to in-person learning.

“Now if you or I go into a building, we know that every building we go in, these teachers are either vaccinated or tested,” Cicarella said.

He says that so far back to school has been going quite well for the teachers. He says there were a few small things to work on, like classroom masking or building maintenance, and the board was responsive.

“They have worked very well with us to try to address our concerns,” Cicarella said.

Bond confirms that eight employees chose to be vaccinated as a result of the tenure. New Haven is now at 63% complete vaccination for those eligible for a vaccine, and 77% have received at least one dose.



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