New York teachers, cops and firefighters could be required to get or test for COVID-19 every week, says Mayor Bill de Blasio


A mandate to get the coronavirus vaccine or get tested weekly will soon be in place for staff at New York City public hospitals – and policy could ‘continue to climb the ladder’ to cover more municipal workers like teachers, police and firefighters, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday morning.

Speaking on MSNBC, where he announced the impending tenure of employees at the city’s public hospitals, de Blasio said: “I think it’s something we’re doing piece by piece, but it’s the wave of the future in my opinion – this idea of, you get vaccinated or get tested very constantly. ”

“When you say, vaccinate or get tested, that’s a very fair deal. I think it’s something that we can apply in many areas. Over time, we have to see what works, and I think people will react, ”said de Blasio. mentionned. “If luckily people get vaccinated and the delta variant is pushed back, that’s good news. If people don’t get vaccinated and the delta grows, I think a lot of people will come to the conclusion, Rightly so, that we might have to be more aggressive. But what we’re trying to do today is start with the most obvious part of the equation: health care. “

De Blasio was responding to a question from MSNBC “Morning Joe” panelist Mike Barnicle, who asked whether vaccinations should be mandatory for teachers.

The tenure of the city’s employees at its public hospitals – including clinics – comes as the most infectious delta variant spreads in New York City and across the country. On Tuesday, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 83% of sequenced coronaviruses were the variant, which first appeared in India. Similar figures were found in the virus sequenced in New York.

The mandate is to push unvaccinated healthcare workers in the public health system to get vaccinated.

“Ultimately a lot of people have been on the fence. This will be the time when, like, OK, OK I’m going to get the shot or after being tested week after week after week I think a lot of workers from health will say, ‘Hey, that’s a problem. Let’s go and let’s go and get vaccinated,’ “he told CNN later Wednesday morning.

Asked about the compulsory vaccination – without the option of weekly testing – de Blasio said: “This is a step.”

“We’re going to look at all of the factors in how you move things,” de Blasio said.

When asked during CNN’s appearance if he was considering extending the warrant to police, firefighters and teachers, he said: “We’re going to look at different options… I think it makes sense to then consider other possibilities and continue Climbing the ladder. “

Although the virus rarely infects children, the variant has been found to be more dangerous for this age group.

It is estimated that a third of workers in the city’s public hospitals and clinics are not vaccinated. The vaccination rate for teachers, police and firefighters was not immediately available.

De Blasio noted that the public school system had regularly tested staff and students over the past school year as part of the city’s reopening.

“By the way, all the unions have accepted this in New York,” de Blasio said on MSNBC. “So the notion of regular testing we already have, and we’ll need it in the future, obviously.”

Staff and students are currently required to wear masks in schools across the city.

Emails sent early Wednesday to unions representing teachers, police and firefighters were not immediately returned.

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