North Carolina School Board Gets $ 7.9 Million, But Only After Accepting Limits Of Teaching Critical Thinking And Race | Education



Smith, the commissioner, said the district’s new policy is in line with legislation opposed by the governor.

A “$ 7.9 million policy”

Ronald johnson

Courtesy of Johnston County Public Schools

School board member Ronald Johnson, who helped draft the initial version of what he called a “$ 7.9 million policy,” said the new wording would teach students confidence, social responsibility , empathy, kindness and compassion and respect for the law.

“When we talk about law enforcement, we don’t want to promote any ideology or behavior that puts our children at risk,” Johnson said. “No child should be encouraged to commit crimes, defined as crimes, in the name of activism.”

Critics say politics fail to teach how civil disobedience was used, as during the civil rights movement, to bring about change.

Johnson also said the new policy “will provide that balance and that fairness” when discussing difficult topics.

“All the while, we want to defend, defend and promote the foundational documents that have made this country what it is,” Johnson said.

Teaching Students About “America’s Greatness”

The commissioners’ actions drew praise and criticism from speakers on Monday.



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