NYC DOE lets parents’ morale drop



Every child in New York City deserves the opportunity to attend a school where he or she can be successful while feeling supported and secure, but over the years it has become clear that the Department of Education does not. do not want this opportunity to exist for families in District 29.

The morale of families, students and even many educators has collapsed. Our schools are failing before our eyes.

The DOE is hemorrhaging engaged and successful students while raising the less-than-stellar administrators who are responsible for this failure.

As The Post reported, schools in District 29 spend more than $ 27,000 per student to produce single-digit academic proficiency rates.

Meanwhile, parents feel they have no choice but to spend their savings, take out loans, or work twice to send their children to private schools.

If chronic underachievement doesn’t frighten successful students, then the pervasiveness of violence and bullying does. Enrollment goes down and the DOE continues to function as if the problem solves itself.

But parents understand that this will not be the case and are increasing the volume of their requests for change.

The DOE offers to listen again, but the time for listening is over.

My colleagues and I, as well as concerned parents, have repeatedly warned the DOE that our best parents and students are fed up. Now is the time to act – to act deliberately – in the form of a change in policy and personnel.

It’s time for the DOE to come to the community not with open ears, but rather a strategic plan on how to transform District 29 and a team of tested individuals who can lead the charge.

The DOE must recognize and detail these issues so that the next city administration can get underway.

Our public schools will continue to lose the ambitious and successful students and parents they desperately need to retain.

I fully support parents who are fed up with DOE dereliction of duty, and will work with them to highlight the inequalities, inefficiencies and failures in our schools while demanding a comprehensive plan to address this issue.

State Senator Leroy Comrie (D) represents several communities in South East Queens.



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