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Greetings from the Burgh, where we are keeping a close eye on two workers trapped in a pot of chocolate at the M&M factory.

Luckily, the workers were saved from waist-high chocolate just as Payday was going to press. Learn more at PennLive.

Planned Parenthood Busting Union Drive

Recently, the labor movement has begun mobilizing for abortion rights, with many suspecting the Supreme Court will strike down Roe v Wade. However, not all rights organizations agree with collective bargaining.

In May, workers across Massachusetts signaled their intention to unionize at 1199SEIU. However, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts CEO Jennifer Childs-Roshak wrote to staffers this week urging them not to unionize.

“As Roe v. Wade is about to be overturned, and as we head into a time of great uncertainty – for PPLM and workers across the country – we will need to be even more creative, agile and collaborative,” wrote Childs-Roshak to employees. “Now, more than ever, we need to be flexible to meet the needs of our patients.”

The union hit back with a tweet saying, “We strongly believe in our motto of ‘Care. However, this should apply to both patients and staff. We deserve to make an informed decision for ourselves.

For more on how major reproductive rights groups are fighting to unionize, check out Jezebel

SEIU-CWA broke peace deal on unionizing Apple Stores

Earlier this week, Payday explained how four different unions were competing to organize workers at the Apple Store. Now two unions – Communication Workers of America (CWA) and SEIU – have reached a peace agreement to organize them together.

“CWA has a national plan that will drive density and the collective power of Apple Retail workers. It is counterproductive for unions to go after ‘hot shops’ at the expense of the collective good of the campaign,” Lynne Fox, international president of Workers United, an SEIU affiliate, said in a statement.

For more on the peace deal, see SEIU-CWA’s joint statement

Poll: 76% of Texas teachers don’t want to be armed

A new survey of more than 5,000 Texas school employees conducted by the Texas Federation of Teachers shows that 76% of teachers do not want to be armed. The survey also showed that 90% of Texas school employees don’t want to be armed.

“I’ve seen student and teacher deaths rise, and yet all I hear from policy makers is empty rhetoric,” Katrina Rasmussen, a Dallas high school teacher, said at a conference. press this week. “I asked my legislators, ‘Is turning my learning community into a militarized zone really the best you can do?’ »

For more, check out the Texas Tribune

California fast food workers for FAST Recovery Act

In California today, workers at many sites across the state went on strike to demand passage of the FAST Recovery law. The legislation would create a statewide council to raise wages, standards and working conditions for more than 700,000 workers.

“Fast food is a vital part of California’s economy, and our jobs should support healthy families and strong communities, not keep us tired and hungry,” Ingrid Vilorio, an employee of Jack in the Box in Castro Valley, told KVTX. “But until big business has the power to steal our wages and deny responsibility for the violence and discrimination that takes place in our stores, communities like mine can never succeed.”

For more information, see KVTX

Legendary anti-sweatshop crusader Charlie Kernaghan dies at 74

Finally, Payday is mourning the loss of legendary anti-sweatshop crusader Charlie Kernaghan, who died earlier this week at the age of 74. The Washington Post takes a moving look at his life:

With his wire-rimmed glasses, neatly trimmed beard and slicked-back silver hair, Mr Kernaghan could have passed for an academic – indeed, he had already pursued a doctorate in psychology and anthropology. But he was also a gifted athlete, a former boxer and high school football star who exuded restless energy while speaking nonstop to the public in union halls, college auditoriums and houses of worship.

Reaching for a bag of clothes during a speech, he showed a Walmart shirt made by Vietnamese women who were allegedly beaten in a factory in American Samoa, or held up a Nike jersey that sold for $140 in the United States but was made for 29 cents in El Salvador. “There is blood on this garment,” he cried, with an almost religious intensity.

For more, check out the Washington Post

News and strikes happening elsewhere

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