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The government of Punjab has released details for hiring trainee teachers for a single school year instead of hiring permanent or contract teachers out of 13,736 vacant seats. The total cost of this recruitment is estimated at 130.4 million rupees.

Recruitment will take place in six phases and six districts have been shortlisted for the first phase. Thereafter, each phase would result in the addition of six districts in the project. The deadline for submitting applications is July 15 while the lists of submitted applications will be posted on July 19.

The teaching session for teacher trainees will start after the summer break and end with the annual exam in 2022.

Hiring in schools will be at the level of union councils (UC). Only unemployed applicants from UC and Panchayat Council will be eligible. There will be no transfer facility for hired educators.

Primary teachers‘ salaries will be Rs 720 per day (Rs 18,000 per month) while middle class teachers will receive Rs 800 per day (Rs 20,000 per month). Matrix level educators will receive Rs 1,000 per day (Rs 30,000 per month).

The age of male student teachers will be 20 to 50 years old, while that of female student teachers will be 20 to 55 years old. Since the recruitment period is only one year, the government will also allow leniency of age.

The school authority said the interns would teach in schools near their residences.

The recruiting committee will be made up of five members, while the school heads will be the facilitator of the committee. Parents, a member of the school council, a general member and a subject teacher will be involved in the recruitment process.

The qualification required for primary class teachers will be enrollment with a second division, and FA or FSC with a second division for middle classes while BA or BSc, with second division will be the requirement for upper classes.

The marks awarded for the interview would be 100, while the university certificate or diploma would have separate additional numbers.

The attendance register of trainees will also be separated while their salaries will be deducted when taking leave without prior approval.

Recruitment interviews for FA, FSC classes will take place from July 20 to 22, matrix classes from July 24 to 25, middle classes from July 28 to 30, and intermediate classes from August 1 to 3.

The merit lists of successful applicants will also be displayed in phases. The list of intermediate teachers will be posted on July 23, matrix trainees on July 27, middle classes on July 31 and primary classes on August 4.

Educators would be required to register within a week of recruitment. Otherwise, the teacher will not be hired.

The leaders of the Punjab teachers’ unions, Hamid Shah, Shahid Mubarak, Shafiq Bhalwalia and Basharat Iqbal Raja, spoke to The Express Tribune, criticized the decision and said the daily hiring of teachers was unfair. They demanded that the government put in place long-term policies for education and that all vacant seats be filled permanently.

Meanwhile, the education department said that 70,000 teaching positions were vacant across Punjab and that it was not possible to spend so much money right away.

Posted in The Express Tribune, June 30e, 2021.



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