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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WRBL) – Regions announced on Thursday, August 5, the launch of a new financial literacy platform to help offer free financial educational tools to students and parents through Regions, Regions Bank’s financial education program.

Their new platforms are on WeAreTeachers and iGrad â„¢.

WeAreTeachers is an online media brand for educators, through this program Regions is delivering real world math and money activities for K-8 students in Adventures in Math.

The free program will feature interactive games, lesson plans, at-home activities, and family resources.

Next Step financial education manager for Regions Bank explained the importance of having strong financial literacy in a media release.

“Building healthy financial habits early can help set a strong foundation throughout students’ school years and into adulthood,” said Joye Hehn, Next Step financial education manager for Regions Bank. “These activities provide a fun, engaging way for teachers and parents to introduce young students to the value of money and help them gain financial literacy as they head back into the classroom this fall.”

In addition to this, Region is working with iGrad. The financial wellness education company will provide money-management resources to students attending select Southeastern Conference (SEC) Universities and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Regions recently launched a financial wellness platform with Mississippi State University with plans to expand to Auburn University followed by other SEC Universities and HBCUs.

Students will have access to courses and articles, a student loan management tool to help with budgeting, scholarship and job search databases, and other various resources.

“Whether back-to-school means you’re starting your first year or preparing for graduation, knowledge is power when managing college finances and beyond,” said Hehn. “Through iGrad, Regions is proud to provide students with access to financial education resources to help them build skills they will use now and long after they graduate.”

Regions will also provide free resources and tools to help all-ages of students and their families to be financially prepared for back-to-school season and year-round needs. Some of the resources will include the following; Back-to-School budget worksheet, Next Step for Students Hub, and Next Step Podcasts.

The Back-to-School Budget Worksheet is designed to help plan and track spending for everything on the back-to-school list, as well as other student activities.

Next Step for Students Hub is targeted for college students and recent graduates can use articles, worksheets, courses, calculators and other resources to help improve money-management skills, navigate student loans and transition from the classroom to workplace.

Next Step Podcasts topics cover savings, budgeting and planning advice for students in all stages of their educational paths.

For more advice and tools for budgeting, saving and planning for this back-to-school season, visit The content is free and available to anyone, regardless of whether they are a Regions customer.

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