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This story appeared in “Meeting Minutes & More”, a six-page weekly special section in the Friday print editions of the News-Gazette.

Add a global pandemic to a national teacher shortage, mix in a dwindling local pool of available replacements, and what do you get?

Triple-digit daily pay rates for substitute teachers in all but two public school districts — nine lower than this time last year.

With a new school year about to begin — and COVID-19 sick days a good bet to rack up — The News-Gazette surveyed districts across the region this week for a replacement compensation comparison. Below are the standard daily rates for each district.


The four-school district took first place at schools in the city of Rantoul last fall, when its board voted to raise the district’s daily rate from $100 to $150 in one fell swoop. Replacement assistants are also supported, earning $100 a day in the district, first-year superintendent Kenny Lee said.


Vermilion County’s top rate increases by $87 – to $232 – for “long-term” substitutes, referring to those who take full responsibility for teachers (i.e. planning, grading, attendance at faculty meetings, etc.) for an extended period.


It’s $140 for substitutes with a substitute teaching license and $150 for those with a professional educator license. Both groups are also entitled to monthly bonuses of $50 for working at least 15 days a month, the communications director said. Stacey Moore said.


Under the elementary and junior high district incentive plan, any sub who works five consecutive days earns $700 — plus a $100 bonus. This can happen up to four times, Superintendent Scott Woods said.


A half-day shift earns $65. An assignment that lasts more than two weeks earns contractors $200 per day at the start of week 3, superintendent Jeremy Darnel said.


Whether a sub does 10 consecutive or cumulative days, its rate increases to $140 on day 11, Superintendent Angelo Lekkas said. The price for long-term subscriptions: $207.56.


Long-term contractors considered to be “actively pursuing” their teaching certificate receive full insurance benefits, sick/personal leave, and a slightly lower per diem rate than certified teachers.

said the superintendent Bill Myer“We view our long-term replacements as a long-term solution to getting certified teachers in all classrooms, not just a short-term solution for this school year.”


Among the district’s benefits: free meals for all subs, $100 bonuses for anyone who works five days in a row, and $170 daily rates for retired Urbana teachers returning to the district. assistant superintendent Angi Franklin said.

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This story appeared in “Meeting Minutes & More”, a six-page weekly special section in the Friday print editions of the News-Gazette.


After 10 consecutive days of fill, the daily rate for contractors is that of a first grade Arcola teacher, superintendent Tom Mulligan said.


The rate increases by $20 per day after 10 days and an additional $15 for anything over 30 days.

“Our board increased our per diem rate in the last school year due to competition for substitutes, which is a shortage. Same with many subjects for full-time teachers,” Superintendent Tom Davis said.


One of nine public districts in the region that paid less than $100 this time last year, Milford is now offering $125 for Days 1-10, $130 for Days 11-20 and $135 for 21 days, Superintendent Michele Lindenmeyer said.


Although not singled out on the district’s latest list of current openings, the subs fall into the “still hiring” category at Oakwood.


For those working in the same class for more than 20 days, the rate increases to $223 on Day 21, Superintendent Cliff McClure said.


After working 10 consecutive days, contractors’ daily rate drops to step 0 of elementary school pay scale, which pays $40,367 a year, superintendent says Crystal Johnson Maden.


The Farmer City District is also offering a free hot lunch for all substitute teachers, superintendent Hillary Stanifer said.


Long-term subs earn $194.57 a day – the same as first-grade district teachers, superintendent Dan Hybert said.


After 10 consecutive days of undersubscription, the daily rate increases to $150, superintendent Barb Thompson said.


The daily rate at the Champaign County K-8 school remains the same whether a sub has spent a day or 20, superintendent Jeff Graham said.


Loyalty benefit: Any teacher who signs up at any Monticello school for 25 days receives a $250 bonus, superintendent Adam Clapp said.


“Before the pandemic, we had a few trusted people who replaced us whenever we needed them. Many of them decided to stop subscribing during this period for various reasons”, explains the director. Todd Wilsongrateful for these internal subs who filled “a lot of class periods”.


Long-term subscribers are increased up to $140 per day – unless they are a certified or retired teacher. If so, daily pay increases to $228, superintendent Bonnie McArthur said.


Long-term contractors who work 10 consecutive days in the same classroom may be added to the base pay scale, superintendent Marie Vogt said.


On the 11th consecutive day of replacement for the same teacher, the daily rate changes to that of a full-time junior teacher, Superintendent Brett Robinson said.


said the superintendent Dry nettles: “There are times when I will put a long-term sub who is a certified teacher on the salary scale because of the depth of the work and their references. Also, because I would not have had them other.


Add $20 to daily rate for long term subs, superintendent Jeff Holmes said.


If the contractor is a retired G-RF teacher, the daily rate starts at $120, superintendent Jean Neal said.


The neighborhood treats all subs for lunch. Those enlisting for long-term service are paid around $213 a day, superintendent Todd Pence said.


After 20 cumulative days of membership in the same school year, the rate increases to $125, the Superintendent Phil Cox said.


There is no requirement for consecutive days worked before long-term subs are eligible for $195-a-day pay, superintendent Andy Larsson says, “Knowing this is a long-term replacement position, we’re starting them at $195 on day 1.”


Pricing remains at $105 for days 1-5 of continuous undersubscription and increases to $115 for days 6-45, Superintendent Robert Richardson said. Add $10 per day if a retiree from the Hoopeston area.


After 10 days, long-term replacements are paid as new full-time teachers, superintendent Jeff Isenhower said.


Retired SJ-O teachers who return to fill in are immediately treated as long-term, earning, superintendent replacements. Brian Brooks said.


This is the daily rate for the districts of Armstrong Township High and Armstrong-Ellis, both of which allow long-term contractors to follow the pay scale as first-grade teachers.

“Subs are getting so hard to find that we may have to reconsider our pay or benefits,” says Bill Mulvaney, superintendent of the two districts of Armstrong. “We do a lot of internal replacements with our regular staff.”


After 10 days, long-term contractors earn 1/180th of a junior teacher’s daily rate, which equals $195.56, superintendent Scott Watson said.


A free lunch and benefits from the Teachers’ Retirement System are both part of the package offered by Chrisman High’s home district.


Substitutes who work half a day receive half the salary. Champaign K-8 Catholic School offers free lunch to temporary teachers, principal Greg Koerner said. (Sainte Croix and Champagne COUNTRY SCHOOLwhich pays between $15 and $17 an hour depending on experience, were the only CU private schools to respond to The News-Gazette survey).


said the superintendent Gary Tipsord“We considered hiring a certified teacher to be a full-time traveling substitute within the district to ensure we have someone there every day. In this case, they would be hired at base salary with full benefits from day one. »


Once a contractor has logged 20 consecutive days in the same position, the daily rate increases to $223.87, such as a first grade teacher, superintendent Lance Landeck said.


This daily rate doubles after long-term contractors work a 20th day, Superintendent Seth Miller said.


It takes less than two weeks for replacements to jump into triple digits – long-term subs are paid $110 for days 9-15 and $160 for days 16 and beyond, Superintendent Carol Munson said.


After 20 days of subscription, the daily rate is that of a new full-time teacher.

“We are still negotiating, so the new teacher’s salary is not set as of this day,” the superintendent said. Gary Alexander said.


The Danville school also has a half-day rate ($45) but not long term, Principal Barb-Rew said.


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