Rochester Teachers Association president awaits directives to reopen schools



News10NBC reporter Stephanie Duprey spoke with Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teachers Association, on Tuesday evening.

He said that on the one hand, the union supports what the AAP recommends, on the other hand, it agrees that the state should step back and leave it to the localities to make decisions based on the needs of their school.

With the mix of new variations and the inability to keep track of immunization statuses, the AAP’s recommendation to keep masks on students and staff is the most attractive option for educators.

“This is how we are going to prevent our schools from being a habitat for contagion, I think this is something the governor should also approve,” Urbanski said.

In this letter to Governor Cuomo from MCCOSS, specific requests made it clear that they felt that localities should have the final say on what their schools need to operate in regards to COVID-19 protocols, starting with the elimination of all distancing requirements.

“I think the governor will either side with the CDC or the AAP, or he will leave it to the localities,” Urbanski said.

MCCOSS also said in its letter that indoor masking should be based on local data and determined by districts in collaboration with the local health department and that it does not believe schools should be required to collect. and monitor immunization data.

“We don’t know what the delta variant will do in September, we don’t know how teachers would handle a situation with all this uncertainty and confusion,” Urbanski added.

News10NBC will continue to check with the New York State Department of Health about guidelines for reopening schools.



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