Stories of the pandemic, mRNA vaccines, atoms, planet Earth and the Big Bang come to life for kids in two award-winning illustrated STEM children’s books in 2021



HARTFORD EAST, Connecticut., August 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TheBeamer LLC announces that The big bang race won the award for best STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) book in 2021 Purple Dragon Fly Children’s Book Award sponsored by Story Monsters LLC. It is the continuation of The mystery of stardust, winner of the best STEM E-Book. Both books are illustrated adventures of middle-aged characters learning about non-fictional science concepts. Books, related YouTube videos, video games, news, and online LEARNING PAGES were funded by the National Science Foundation (Award # 1738291), Connecticut Innovations, Inc., PPP Loans, and Private Investments. The resources are available free to educators and children’s organizations.

the Race to the Big Bang is the story of four girls and three boys using the abilities of time, space and height movement of a Virtual world discover non-fictional scientific concepts while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Children form a team to compete The Big Bang Race competition where they learn wonderful science stories about Planet Earth, the Universe, the Big Bang and how atoms were created. There is a spectacular positive outcome from the pandemic which has created a wonderful learning moment for them. This is the introduction of revolutionary mRNA vaccines. The children decide to use the Virtual world to learn more about the COVID-19 virus and vaccines.

In the book’s epilogue and the three videos below, children use the The virtual world capacity of size change to follow the behavior of virus and mRNA vaccines in a human body.

Children learn how the virus hijacks the cell factories in our bodies to make us sick and how mRNA vaccines use the factories to create immunity. They learn in simple terms the genetic code, DNA, cell biology, viruses, bacteria, vaccines, RNA and messenger RNA (mRNA).

Our COVID-19-Coronavirus LEARNING PAGE includes eight illustrated short stories, video links, lesson plans and questions. LEARNING PAGES for atoms, planet Earth and the universe are also available on the Educators tab of website. LEARNING PAGES support a Puzzle teaching strategy in which students choose a character, learn what that character discovered, and then share the knowledge with the students representing the other characters.

The theme of The mystery of stardust is: “We are made of stardust that was once in the body of Albert Einstein and the last T-Rex. “Middle-aged characters are on a quest to uncover the non-fiction story of stardust (atoms) using the Virtual world.

There are so many wonderful and exciting science stories to tellsaid Dr. Peter Solomon, CEO of TheBeamer LLC. “I believe that incorporating science concepts into exciting adventure tales is a great way for children to learn. “A review of The mystery of stardust noted: “I love reading about science, but what makes it even better is reading about kids my age doing science. “

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