Substitute teachers’ salaries increased from $ 89 to $ 189 per day in GA district



  • A school district in Georgia has more than doubled the salaries of substitute teachers, according to reports.
  • They are now earning $ 189 per day.
  • Teachers have left the profession due to burnout and fear of catching the coronavirus.

A school district in the Atlanta metropolitan area increased the salary of substitute teachers from $ 89 per day to $ 189 per day.

The Cobb County School District, which has 112 schools, increased salaries from September 6 as schools across the United States struggle to find staff.

The district also increased the salary of substitute teachers from $ 112 per day to $ 212 per day.

Substitute and substitute teachers are particularly in demand in some regions to cover teachers who isolate themselves after being exposed to the coronavirus.

The district said it was using funding from CARES, a federal coronavirus relief fund, to fund the increases. The higher pay rates are expected to expire in May.

Some teachers have left the profession due to burnout and fears of catching the coronavirus. More than half of the 484 K-12 employees surveyed by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence in February said “the risks I am taking while working during the COVID-19 pandemic are not commensurate with my pay.” .

Schools suspended massive bonuses to retain staff, with a district in South Carolina offering teachers bonuses of $ 2,500. Georgia offered $ 1,000 to all K-12 public school staff, including teachers, nurses and administrative staff in March.

Other school districts in Georgia are also increasing the salaries of substitute teachers.

The Fulton County Schools District, for example, increased the daily salary for substitute teachers from $ 100 to $ 175, and from $ 120 to $ 200 for those in long-term substitute jobs. “The incentive plan aims to counter the shortage caused by the pandemic,” said the district on its website.

Schools are also struggling to find bus drivers.

The Cobb County School District in Georgia offers retention bonuses of $ 1,200 to all bus drivers and instructors. The governor of Massachusetts activated 250 members of the National Guard to drive school buses, and one high school in Boston was even forced to rent a party bus with a stripping pole to take students on field trips.

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