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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The National Federation of Taiwan Teachers’ Unions (NFTU) on Thursday (May 12) called on the government to make Labor Day (May Day) a national holiday for all people in the country, including teachers.

Federation President Hou Chun-liang (侯俊良) told a press conference on Thursday that this year’s Labor Day falls on a Sunday and all workers covered by the Labor Standards Law have the next day (May 2) a deferred public holiday, CNA reported. However, as teachers are not covered by labor law, they had to work on May 2 this year.

Hou pointed out that Labor Day is not a holiday for teachers, civil servants and doctors and the exclusion of these professions from the holiday has caused many problems, he said. Federation publicity director Lo Te-shui (羅德水) added that the confusing holiday rules caused inconvenience to many people.

More than 10 million workers in the country are off on Labor Day, while nearly a million other employees have to work, and this inconsistency has indeed caused annoyance and controversy. In some schools, temporary workers and contract workers covered by the Labor Standards Act enjoy their Labor Day, while civil servants and teachers are forced to work.

The NFTU said, “Taiwanese society has progressed to a point where the Labor Day holiday controversy should be resolved once and for all.” May Day is also known as International Workers’ Day, and Taiwan should proclaim it a national holiday as other countries around the world have done to honor the value and sanctity of work, the federation added. .


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