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BUFFALO — New York State United Teachers recently presented a check for $5,000 to Buffalo Starbucks workers to help with their labor organizing efforts, in solidarity with baristas as they form unions at coffee shops across the western New York and country.

About 50 educators and union officials from Western New York delivered the donation to Starbucks Workers United leaders at the Starbucks store on the corner of Delaware Avenue and West Chippewa Street in downtown Buffalo.

Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

“The best way to have your coffee is strong – #UnionStrong,” said New York State United Teachers President Andy Pallotta. “NYSUT is proud to stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers from Buffalo to Seattle as they organize for greater economic justice, accountability for the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, and a voice in the American labor movement. .”

“With Rossann and all the C-suite visitors staying opposite us, we were spied on day after day. Our store was used as a prop in Starbucks’ infamous ‘How to Vote’ video, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to rebuild our store’s image,” said Roisin Doherty, one of the main organizers. unions at the Delaware-Chippewa Starbucks store. “We stand in solidarity with NYSUT in front of DelChip to receive their donation, establishing a new Union Strong vision for DelChip.”

“We are so grateful for the support from NYSUT and all of the teachers who support our efforts,” said Gary Bonadonna Jr., director of the Workers United Rochester Regional Joint Board. “It will take the entire labor movement to support us in order for Starbucks to end its aggressive anti-union campaign against workers. We are so grateful for NYSUT’s support and donation.”

“We faced intense union busting from the Starbucks company,” said William Westlake, barista and member of the organizing committee at the Camp Road Starbucks store in Hamburg. “I was personally forced into a nine-on-one union busting meeting with managers and company representatives. It means so much for NYSUT to stand with us and donate to our cause. Thank you to all the teachers who are there. support our efforts!”

Local educators have shown their solidarity with Starbucks workers since the beginning of labor organizing in Western New York.

“We’re here to send a message to Starbucks: It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher or a barista, Buffalo is a union town where workers stick together,” said Buffalo Teachers Federation President and Board Member Phil Rumore. Administration of NYSUT. noted. “We are inspired by what our sisters and brothers at Starbucks are doing here and across the country to stand up for themselves and the rights of all workers. Whatever Starbucks Workers United members face when they organize, BTF members have their backs.”

“In Western New York, we love our brewed coffee union,” said Joe Cantafio, president of the West Seneca Teachers Association and NYSUT board member. “We are proud to welcome the members of Starbucks Workers United into the family of unionized workers, and we stand with them as they organize and fight for the rights they deserve.


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